Saturday, April 24, 2021

The History of The Haigler Blog

Some of you have been around and visiting The Haigler Blog since is began in August 2006.  "In those olden days" everyone was creating blogs about everything and we jumped on that bandwagon when my Aunt Floy Fisher was editing "Haigler Happenings."   She had been given some stories that the newspapers couldn't publish because of their length, so she and I came up with the idea to publish The Haigler Blog.  I was excited that she asked me to help by doing the entries.  She sent me some stories, then others began sending us things and interacting with each other in the comments.

After Facebook became "the place to be" when sharing things about family and friends, we moved over there with a PAGE, which was not friendly to readers who wanted to share something.  So, we started The Haigler Files which allows readers to post stories,  photos and make comments.

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Some of you are not aware of the original Haigler Blog, so I am sharing some links that you might be interesting in reading.  

The progress of moving District 67 South school house to town and creating the School House Museum.  

The Palmer House (A mail order house)

Link to The Haigler Blog on Facebook
Link to The Haigler Files on Facebook

-- Sherri Gregory, Editor

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Happy Birthday to Beulah Oster (Brown)

Beulah Oster (Brown)

Beulah Oster (Brown) formally of Haigler, Nebraska will be turning 102 on March 12. 

Feel free to send her a card or note to help celebrate her birthday. She loves to hear from you all.

Beulah Oster
31001 N.W. Highland Court, #23, 
North Plains Oregon, 97133

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Delford Wesley Trembly

08/09/1939 - 07/28/2018
Service Date: 08/07/2018
Service Time: 6:00 PM
Service Location: Trinity Church, 2130 E. University Drive, Mesa, Arizona
Interment: City of Mesa Cemetery
Delford Wesley Trembly, 78, passed away July 28, 2018 in Mesa, Arizona.  He was born August 9, 1939, the second son of Wesley Fernando (Mick) and Leona (Samson) Trembly, in Cheyenne County, Kansas on his Uncle Floyd’s farm.  He went to a country school house about 2 miles from home and later went to High School in Haigler, Nebraska where he graduated in 1957. He worked in his Uncle’s grocery store in Haigler until he entered the service in May of 1962.  He served in Anchorage, Alaska where he served in the quartermaster division of USARL (US ARMY ALASKA) and was placed in an office with numerous management duties.   He was discharged in the summer of 1964 and in the fall of 1964 he enrolled at Chadron State College, Chadron, Nebraska.  He graduated in January of 1970.  While in college, he met and married Krista Louise Hardin on August 3, 1969, and celebrated over 48 years of marriage, working together in Nebraska and Arizona to raise their children, Kimberly L. Carr (Travis) and Scott Trembly, both of Mesa.
Del was preceded in death by his parents, his brother, Delmar Trembly, and several cousins.  He is survived by his wife, Krista Trembly, brother Don (Patricia) Trembly, sister Dorlene Trembly, sister-in-law Betty Trembly,  daughter Kimberly and husband Travis Carr, grandsons Shea Moore, Seth, and Chase Barron and Tristan Carr; son Scott and girlfriend Leslie Crook and her son Zach Crook.
While in Haigler, Nebraska, Alaska and Cozad, Nebraska, he led Boy Scout Troops.  In Mesa, he volunteered at Sunshine Acres as a tutor for junior high children and was active in the garden.  He was active in teaching Sunday school at Trinity Church.  He loved working with children, helping them to become the best they could be.
Celebration of Life will be held August 7, 2018 at 6:00 PM at Trinity Church, 2103 E University Dr., Mesa, Arizona preceded by a visitation August 6, 2018 at 6:00 PM at Bunker’s University Chapel, 3529 E University Dr., Mesa, AZ.  In lieu of flowers, donations can be sent to Trinity Church Children’s Ministry.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Happy Birthday, Haigler Blog

The Haigler Blog is 12 years old this year!

The Facebook Page is much "younger" but is the main method of sharing information.
If you click on the dated links on the left side of the page, you will find all the old stories shared by our readers.
Go visit the guestbook for some interesting comments.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Visit Our Facebook Page

Since Facebook became so popular with our readers, we have posted news and interesting pictures and articles on Facebook.  Occasionally, this, The Haigler Blog, webpage has an addition, but the editor is finding it hard to keep up with all the interesting things to do as a "Retiree".  I hope you will spend some time reading some of the old articles published here.  It has been fun keeping up with Haigler Happenings.

The Haigler Blog - Facebook

 -- Editor

Monday, March 27, 2017

Claudine (Wiley) Sterner

It was with a sad heart and tears that we learned of the death of a dear friend, Claudine (Wiley) Sterner on Saturday night, March 25th.

A service will be held in Missouri and she will be buried in Blair, Nebraska.  There are plans for a service at Haigler.  Details to be announced.

Claudine was a Haigler High School graduate in the Class of 1957.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Early Days on the Hackberry

As I was sorting through my mom's files, I ran across this clipping of an article my Grandpa Crabtree wrote in 1955.  If anyone has the following two articles mentioned, I would be very happy to have a copy either printed or scanned.

~Sherri Gregory

The Haigler News 
Thursday, April 21, 1955 
 Haigler Nebraska 
Volume 34 – # 52 
Founded in 1907  

Editors note: The following article is the first in a series of articles by Mr. Frank Crabtree of Haigler. This series is entitled “Down Through the Years" 

Early Days on the Hackberry  
Most of us have had experiences down through the years that naturally linger with us in our memory, for a time at least, and then gradually fade away unless renewed in someway. It is my intention in these columns to review some of the incidents that took place  in the early days over in the Hackberry neighborhood.  Naturally I would like to begin my story with the neighborhood in which I lived and was best acquainted. 
One of the centers of social activities, to my mind, was the school house in District 34 known as the Prairie Rose School. As the name would suggest the surrounding country was at the time the district was organized and for a number of years afterward a broad expanse of buffalo grass prairies 
What faith and courage those early settlers must have had who, though themselves with little education and possibly less in a financial way, began so early to prepare for the education of their children and that of their neighbors.  
I mention the neighbor's children as some settlers had no children of their own and yet they were foremost in establishing facilities for the training of the children of the community. 
I mentioned this school as a social center: It was that, although in this respect, it might have been outclassed by the Rattlesnake Gulch School where men and women and children came together weekly to debate, cipher and spell  These were truly lively gatherings where local talent had a chance to demonstrate itself and prove its true worth. I think I should mention, in this connection, a number of those who were leaders in this work at its beginning in this community: Grandfather W. H. Williams was the first chairman of the literary society. Others who served later were  
J.N. (Dock) Carpenter, J. H. Williams, Lem Rollins and Mrs. Schannell.  Of course the teachers from other schools had much to do in making these gatherings instructive as well as enjoyable. As the pupils were given a place on the programs and in fact provided the major part when it came to spelling and ciphering.  
Some of our boys and girls developed considerable speed in ciphering and McGuffy's  spelling book sometimes had to be abandoned and words taken from the dictionary to put some of our stalwarts down. Right here I must tell you of a little incident that happened in the Nebraska University.  
The Mathematics Professor was explaining a short method in addition, and that he might show the class how much quicker the problem could be worked by the short method, he asked if one of the students would step to the blackboard and use the old method of one column at a time. One of our Hackberry boys (Ed Murren) volunteered to help him out and a problem of several columns was given and the signal to startWell, the professor was surprised when he finished his problem and glanced over to see Ed smiling at him having finished with time to spare. 
 And now before changing the subject too much, I want to talk of the time that the Prairie Rose School and the Rattlesnake Gulch banded together and in two lumber wagons made our way to the Haigler school house to answer a challenge from that school for a cipher-spelling match.  The score was very close but our school had to admit defeat. However at a later date when on our own ground we were victorious.  
These battles took place in 1894* and Miss Serepta Crabtree was Principle of the Haigler School well Clarence (unclear name) taught at Prairie Rose and W. S. Booth at the Gulch. 
The greater number of those who attended school in the early nineties have passed on but I believe I can name most of those that are still living: Katie O’Leary, Will Brown, Elizabeth Crabtree Pate, Cora Crabtree O’Brien, Frank Crabtree, Ed McKinney, Pauline Wagner, Kitty Scannell Northrup, Ida Williams Braaf, Orvle MMurren, Emma Devers Hardy, Joe Collins, Geo. Boyd, Leonard Biggs and Fred Biggs.  I am sure there are others who might be mentioned but do not come to mind as I am writing. Next week I hope to tell you of some of the very early settlers and the part they had to do with the growth and development of this very interesting community.    

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

JOB Openings at Wray Aquatic Center

The Wray Aquatic Center is looking to hire 20-25 lifeguards.
  • Applicants must be 15 years old (as of May 27) & older
  • Paid lifeguard training (LGT) is provided, along with lots of extra pool time to practice before testing.
  • Free swimsuit, t-shirt, whistle, water bottle, sunscreen and towel.
  • Flexible scheduling
  • GREAT PAY - $9.30/hour ($9.55/hr. for Swim Lesson Instructors)
  • Applications are available online at and down at City Hall.
  •  The majority of interviews will be done over Spring Break (March 13-17)

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