Monday, February 26, 2007

Saturday Morning Snow - AGAIN!

This was the blizzard Saturday morning looking towards my driveway in my yard. You can't see very much.Ready to feed Gail's heifers during the blizzard

It warmed up on Sunday and the moist snow we had gotten on Saturday -- about 6" -- started to melt. The roads are once again sloppy and muddy, but that means moisture for the pastures.

-- Submitted by Karen Harford

Farewell to a Friend and Neighbor

Richard (Dick) Wall's funeral was well attended at the Methodist church in Haigler on Thursday afternoon. A large number of family members were in attendance and the church was overflowing with friends and neighbors as well.

As Floy said in the Haigler Happenings this week, "Our hearts reach out in sympathy to Laura Pearl and her wonderful family for their loss. The respect this community had for Richard and Laura Pearl and their family was expressed by the attendance at the memorial service, packing the church to capacity. "

Do you Remember These Movies?

Benkelman (Neb.) Post & News-Chronicle, Aug. 24, 1967

1967 - Haigler High School Reunion

I had a very pleasant surprise in my mailbox today. Karen Harford sent me copies of two Benkelman Posts that David Samler had given to her. Her note said that Dick Hoover had told David he thought it would be a good idea to put the article about the Haigler Reunion on the blog.

I inserted the whole article here and if you click on it, you should be able to see it full size, large enough to actually read it. If anyone finds that this doesn't work for them, please let me know.

-- Submitted by Karen Harford/C.D. Samler

Haigler - February 25, 2007

--Ray & Floy Ruggles

Somebody Please Slow the Clock Down

You are all in for it now!! I have spent the last couple of hours reading the 1967 newspapers that Karen Harford sent. What a wealth of history and memories there are in it. I am still trying to scan all the Haigler annuals that Calvin Freehling loaned me so I can post the graduates for the years 1955 through 1960. Now, I'm excited to share some things from these two newspapers.

Here is an ad that was on the same page as the reunion article:

Benkelman (Nebr.) Post & News-Chronicle, Aug. 24, 1967
-- More to come - later.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Puttin' Up Hay

Taken in the early 1950's
Paul Freehling Jr., T.C. (Corky) Ellis, Paul Freehling Sr. and Calvin in front.

Note dog under hay rack and 1949 Chevy pickup.

--Submitted by Cal Freehling

Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Note from Elaine (Ritchey) Bird

I just found your website and its is great. I have been writing to Alice Gregory and her daughter Sherrie, who sent a picture of my Aunt Dorothy, Uncle Marlin and my Dad, Wayne Ritchey.

I appreciate all the info. I am still trying to find pictures of all of my Mom's side and stories of them when they lived and went to school at Hagiler, Nebr. I don't know much about my Dad's life when he was small or of his brother Orral and sister Dorothy.

I grew up in St Francis, Ks. So if others have pictures of my Dad or Mom's side of the family, I would be happy to see them or stories about them as they were children. I am working on my geneology spiral notebooks and filling in all the family information in them. Have alot of info but some have missing dates and names.

I know that my grandparents lived near Hagiler, Dad took us out there to see where the sodhouse was and then homestead. Not much left of the orignal home. Since Dad passed away in 2003 I have made this my project to find out as much info as I can for family, my children and grandchildren. Would appreciate any help that can be found so I will have an record of it for our future generations.

Thank you so much. Elaine (Ritchey) Bird

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

One-Room Schools

As many of you know, I work at a college in a division that includes the education department.

Today, I happened to be in the classroom where one of the professors was telling about what it was like to teach in a one-room school as she was teaching about working in a multi-grade classroom.

As she described what it was like to bring lunches in a "bucket" with no plastic sandwich bags or plastic of any kind; the teacher coming early to start the fire in the coal burning stove so the children could be warm during the school day; the older children helping with the younger children, I had to hold myself down from jumping up and saying, "I remember when...!".

Afterward, I had to tell her that I knew from experience what it was like to be taught in a "multi-grade" setting! I showed her the one-room school house blog showcasing the schools in our corner of Nebraska/Kansas/Colorado and she was excited to hear about "OUR" stories.

-- editor

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sad News

Richard (Dick) Wall passed away Monday afternoon at the age of 87. The funeral services are Thursday afternoon, February 22, 2:00 PM MST at the Haigler Methodist Church.


Our hearts go out to the Wall family as they mourn the passing of Richard (Dick) Wall on Monday afternoon.

One Room School / Haigler Museum Idea is born

Floy mentioned yesterday about the oneroom school project you have now undertaken. Great! - There is a bound book called "Memories of Country Schools near Haigler, Nebraska" that was published I believe in 1985 - by, I think The Woman's Club.

My mother, Opal Collicott, taught at East 10, Cheyenne County in early 40's.---and speaking of country schools - most are long gone; however, there is still one holding on -at least the basic frame is still there - it is South 67 out by Richard Wall's place. Stan's mother went to that school. -

We are investigating possibilities of "saving it" and moving it to Haigler - but cost may be prohibitive - wouldn't it be neat to have it become a little Haigler museum? - Anyway, we are dreaming of possibilities.- more later. - LaNeta

Link to 3 Corners One-Room-Schools Blog

Response to John Hubert's Note / Colfer Junction

In response to John Hubert's notes about visiting Haigler 70 years ago. Thought he would like to know that we live in the Charlie/Lottie Roach home. He talked of his Mother (Mary Roach)'s parents living just north of Colfer. This was called Colfer Junction - 3-4 miles east of Haigler and just north at RR tracks. My grandparents, James and Bertha Myer, lived on what was known as the Cary Will farm in the early 1930's when the flood of 1935 occurred. Some of us know it as the old Glen Kuhns' place - now it is the turnoff to the Bush farm.
--LaNeta Carlock

1955 Haigler High School Seniors

Monday, February 19, 2007


When I grew up we were poor.

I became shy and demure.

We seldom went anywhere.

We had no money to spare.

One day when in my mid teens,

(Before the days of blue jeans.)

My mom, older sister and I

Went to a big town near by.

Well, really forty miles or so

Which, for us seemed a long way to go.

It was during the second World War.

At the Airbase were soldiers galore.

We were in a variety store

When a soldier boy came through the door.

He came right on up close to me,

Pulled his pant leg up t’ward his knee

And asked, polite as you please,

“Do you have any socks like these?”

I didn’t know quite what to say

As I shyly said “no” - slinked away.

He immediately knew I was not

A store clerk whose help he had sought.

The soldier boy was amused, too.

A clerk soon came to our rescue

She kindly said, ”May I help you?”

But there was nothing that she could do,

There were no khaki socks she could shew.


My mother and sis tried in vain

Their giggles and smiles to restrain.

I feel the embarrassment yet.

My sis never let me forget.

She would say, in the air of a tease,

Do you have any socks like these?

-- Floy Ruggles

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Douglass Violin

It was very nice to see your entry about the "flying Haiglerites", Roger. You don't remember me, because we left Haigler in 1966 (maybe before you were even born). I am Sherri’s sister, and I remember your parents and Lorenzo. My mother, Alice Gregory taught your brother, Lloyd in school about 1963.

My dad's favorite wintertime hobby was fixing and playing violins (he played very well). He was given a badly smashed violin by Mr. Douglass, who, I believe, was your grandfather. Dad put it all back together and it was just like new (had a very nice sound). I thought you might enjoy hearing that story.

-- Submitted by Leone (Gregory) Carlson



As I was transcribing all the notes Mamma gave me in preparation of publishing a book about her life, I have run across a lot of information about one-room-schools in the Cheyenne County area of Kansas. I know other people would enjoy seeing the pictures and reading about her memories, so I’m in the process of posting them on a blog.

If you have pictures and stories you would like to include in this venture, please feel free to send them to me via email and share the idea with your family and friends.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Sherri Gregory

BTW: Many of the pictures that go with the names listed for schools have not been uploaded yet. (I just started this project today!)

Awsome Parents!


The Lloyd that your Dad talked about was my Dad.

Doug, Lloyd “Little Lloyd”, and myself are his sons. We also have a sister Norma. Veda Douglass is Mom.

I remember when I was a little fellow, maybe eight or nine, your Dad let my Dad get some wood out your old farm house and Little Lloyd, Doug, and I were sent to get it. I found a plastic powder horn up-stairs and thought it was cool so I took it home. In my young mind it was a discard in an old house that was being torn down so finders keepers I figured. When Dad asked me where I got it and heard the story he made me return it along with a letter of apology. I was heart broken and very embarrassed.

Several years later, I think I was 15 or 16, I received a package in the mail from your Mom. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box and inside was that old powder horn along with a note saying it was mine to keep! I wish I still had it.

In browsing through old Haigler Blogs I have stumbled across a picture of Dad standing by an old Oliver combine, submitted by Al Zuege, and a photo of the house we grew up in when it was new. I think it was submitted by Calvin. The old house is still there. Steve and Jody Crouse live in it now.

Thanks for the memories.

-- Submitted by Roger Douglass

Editor's Note: This story about our parents was just too good not to share. I wonder what kind of world we would live in today, if all parents were like ours!!

1960 Pic of East 10 School Students

I need some help with names of some of the children in this picture. There are three boys that I don't know. The far left of the back row and the far right of the second row and the boy between Louise Zuege and Yvonne Faylor.

Your help would be appreciated. I am preparing my "one-room-school" pictures to post on the site where everyone can see them who are looking for pictures of Cheyenne County, Kansas students. Thanks!

Thanks to Sherlyn Liess, niece of the two VanHorn boys shown in this picture, we have the correct names for them.

I am still looking for the name of the boy between Louise Zuege and Yvonne Faylor. Help anyone? (3/27/07 - Sherlyn wrote and said it is Roger VanHorn)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

More Flying Haiglerites

I've tried this previously, to no avail. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Anyway, more names for your flying Haiglerites list if you wish. Although, we do not presently live in Haigler, myself, my brothers, and one of my highschool buddies are all pilots. I am, in fact, a professional pilot and earn my keep flying a helicopter. Anyway, we are as follows.

Roger Douglass
Lorenzo (Doug) Douglass
Lloyd Douglass
Bill Tracy
Thanks for the blog. I come here often.
-- Submitted by Roger Douglass

Note from Editor: Thanks for trying again. I found your email in my SPAM folder and had to rescue it. I hope people will try again if they don't see their notes on the blog, because sometimes I don't catch the things that get filtered out. I am trying to watch closer so we don't miss anyone's email.

Friday, February 16, 2007

News From the Past

100 Years Ago – 1905

“J. E. Uplinger put 21 men and eight teams to work on his ice Monday morning and succeeded in getting about 100 tons of fair ice in the house by Wednesday evening when he was obliged to stop for the present on account of the soft weather.” -- St. Francis Herald , 2005

I remember when neighbors got together to “put up ice.” The ice was cut in squares or maybe a more precise term would be “rectangular solids”. Workers with ice tongs would load it on wagons or trucks and haul it to the ice house on one farm. ( I don’t know how they decided on which farmer’s ice house was to be filled first.) They would work until they all had ice in their icehouses. They would eat dinner at whatever home they were delivering to that day. They would start early in the morning. The colder the weather, the better. If the ice started to thaw the least bit, their mittens or gloves and sleeves would get wet. Also, if it was put in the ice house melted the least little bit, it would freeze the blocks together in the ice house.

We Crabtrees had an icehouse and in later years Rich and I did too. I remember both. The neighbors ate dinner at our house. When I was about 8 or 9, or maybe sooner, I remember Mr. Barber sat on a bench behind the table in our dining room. I don’t remember who else was there, but know that it had to be other neighbors and uncles.

On our Gregory farm, we put up ice, but soon Servel refrigerators came in and made the ice house and "ice boxes" obsolete. That summer, we got totally hailed out, but cut enough wheat to get a load of wheat on our rented place. Rich took it to Haigler and brought home a Servel (gas) refrigerator. The ice house ended up as a trash dump. I don’t know what happened to the roof. It was still deep enough to take refuge in during the summer that a tornado went past our farm and destroyed the Prairie Bell schoolhouse and our south windmill.

-- Alice (Crabtree) Gregory

Editor's note: I ran across this clipping and note my mother wrote about collecting ICE back in "the old days" and thought you'd like to read what she remembered about it.

Cliff Davis has Fantastic Memories of Haigler

Thanks for having this site.I really enjoy reading about Haigler. My dad (Norvin Davis) was from there. He and his family lived there in the 20's and my grandfather "Doc" Davis lived there until he passed away in the mid 50's.

I remember visiting him in Haigler and loved to walk downtown from his house. I also liked to see the trains speed by his house. My aunt and uncle lived across the street.The taste of the water in Haigler was something that I still remember, even Kool Aid couldn't take the taste out.

My dad told me how he used to coast down Sackett hill on his wooden wagon and that he at one time rode his "Ranger" bicycle to Wray Co.

I have fantastic memories of Haigler and think of the great days visiting there in the early 50's.
Thanks and God bless,
-- Cliff Davis McCook, Ne.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Card of Thanks

The Benkelman Post has a section where people can publish "Cards of Thanks". This week, there was one from Don Harford that I thought you'd like to read.

I was certainly surprised and pleased to receive so many cards, e-mails, phone calls and gifts from family, neighbors and friends. Each letter was opened with eager anticipation to see what the envelope contained. Some were humorous and some were serious with many handwritten notes that brought back memories of earlier years. It is a rather humbling experience for a worn-out “Old Coot” like me to be remembered by so many of you. There have been so many things happen and change since I was a kid – from a horse and buggy to 500 horsepower tractors. One of the most awesome to me is the thought of a man from Earth walking on the moon. Thanks for making this a special birthday for me.

Don Harford

Did you keep your 8th Grade Grad Picture?

While cruising around the internett looking for One-Room-Country -School stuff, I ran across Penny Raile's site about District #56 in Cheyenne County, Kansas. On her site she has some county graduation pictures, mine included.

I still have this picture in my photo album along with individual pictures of the kids I went to school with at East 10 in the north west part of Cheyenne County, but didn't have the names to go with this graduation picture.

I was happy to find the names of the other people in the picture. This picture and other graduation pictures on Penny's website are located at:

BACK ROW: Robert Snelling, Richard Schlepp, Alfred Zuege, Franklin Bolie, Kenneth Ketter, Mildred Dankenbring, Robert Doggett, Rodney Wickwar
MIDDLE ROW: Lonnie Willis, Cora Garner, Beverly Larson, Linda Fuller, Karolyn Willt, Jeannie Rath, Patty Price, Sharon (Sherri) Gregory, Richard (Dick) Gregory
FRONT ROW: Carolyn Connett, Phyllis Keller, Kathleen Walz, Dorothy Keller, Bethel Racker, Melody Sigl, Donna Raile

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Check out the Wray Post

Click on over and check out The Wray Post today. There is a nice article and links to The Haigler Blog that makes us sound like "the place to visit"! They have added an editorial telling about our Haigler Blog.

While you are there, you will find other interesting articles about the area.

-- Sherri Gregory

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hugh and Willie Wall

Here's a recent picture of my Uncles Hugh and Willie. The Wall Boys Hughie 76 and Willie 86 years young and they both still love to go out dancing. Willie's living in Benkelman and Hughie lives in Colorado Springs.

-- Larry Wall

John Hubert visited Haigler 70 years Ago

Just found your site. Pretty neat. Some 70 years ago I use to visit relatives in Haigler. The old folks were John and Laura Roach, Charlie and Lottie Roach. They were early day citizens. My Mother was Mary Roach , born in a dugout on the hill south of Sanborn.

Later her folks lived just north of Colfer. Do you know where that was? About 3 or 4 miles east of Haigler. Just a short siding on the RR.

I don't think they were any relation to the Marlin Roach family you mention in your story.

The big thing to do in Haigler back then was to watch the morning train throw off the papers and the mail. I think the main line was a little closer to town then maybe a half block. best regards,

--John Hubert- McCook Ne.

As far as I know, Marlin Roach was no relation to the Charlie Roach family.

Anyone know about Colfer? I can't find any information about it., S. Gregory

Happy Valentine Day !

Monday, February 12, 2007

Penny Postcards

Check out the postcards at Once you get there, click on your state, then the county and it will show you cards from that area. Pretty Cool!!

Click Here or on the Penny Postcards Logo above:

-- Dallas Adams

Sunday, February 11, 2007

1954 Haigler High Seniors

--Courtesy of Calvin Freehling

An old Samson Picture

While scanning and organizing some of the 1000s of pictures I have, I ran across this picture taken in about 1912 when my dad, Richard Gregory, was a baby. He and Violett (Samson) Workman are young enough that their dads are holding them. I believe Violett is the only person in this picture still living.

I know - you can't read the names! Just click on the picture and you should be able to see an enlarged version. -- Sherri Gregory

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Did you ever have company and wish they would could stay a little longer?

That's the way I felt Monday. We had company and didn't hear them come in.

My kitchen window must be magic because I never know what I'm going to see and never know how long a critter will be with us. As I was pouring my cup of coffee and watching the dawn, I thought I was seeing things in the field across our road. My first thought was, "Oh my gosh there must be a pack of coyotes in the field". As I watched, a little more light focused my eyes on Antelope, lots of Antelope. I was excited that it was not coyotes and twice as excited to watch the herd.

Our company was with us from dawn until dusk. For once, I kept finding things to do in the kitchen just so I could look out the window and watch these amazing things. I was so happy when they decided to lay down in early afternoon because that gave my legs a rest, along with my eyes. At first count there were 18, later on the number was 25 and the last count I took was just before dark and there were over 32 milling around. (Hard to count them because sometimes 2 would almost look like one).

I felt some what sad the next morning when I looked out my window and seen "nothing". Our company had left just as quiet as they had arrived.

-- submitted by Karen Lindell

Friday, February 09, 2007

The Haigler News

An interesting article about the history of newspapers in Dundy County was published in The Benkelman Post & News-Chronicle this week giving details about the beginnings of newspapers in 1893 with The Benkelman Chronicle. Several papers were introduced throughout the years, but were merged into The Benkelman Post & News-Chronicle in 1922 when C. L. "Pat" Ketler was the owner/editor.

Part of the article says this about Haigler Newspapers:

It is believed that the first Haigler newpaper was the Haigler Reporter, started by Ed Watts in 1886. Other Haigler newspapers included the Haigler Republican, established in 1888 by George Goodwin and his son J. S., and two versions of the Haigler News. The first surfaced in 1892 and continued until the publisher Will J. Snyder, merged it with the Benkelman Bee in January 1895. The second Haigler News effort was launched in 1907 with A. L. Saffer and Harry Jones started a little plant with an Army press. Like so many of the early newspaper enterprises, it, too was sold and an owner named Wilson continued it until 1910.

The same year, C. L. Will and Z. H. Baxter obtained another press and revived The Haigler News. It continued for a number of years with l. M. Samplesis as the editor.
-- The Benkelman Post & News-Chronicle, Feb. 7, 2007, p.2
I encourage anyone who does not subscribe to The Benkelman Post & News Chronicle to do so. I certainly enjoy reading it each Thursday when it is in my mailbox when I come home from work.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Happy Birthday to Kevin Beeson

We're having a lot of confusion in our family. Every time we say "Kevin", nobody knows who we're talking about! Kevin Dean Beeson, whose birthday message appears below? or maybe Kevin Richard Beeson, whose parents are Dave and Kelly (Beeson) Barger? or could it be Kevin William Beeson, whose mother is Sarah Beeson (daughter of Dave and Kelly (Beeson) Barger)?!-- Kelly is sister to Kevin DEAN Beeson.

By the way, Kevin Richard's 21st birthday is February 10.

Kevin DEAN Beeson was born on February 8, 1963 to his parents, Norman Beeson and Leone Carlson. They lived and worked in Haigler for several years after that, then moved to Ft. Morgan, Colorado, where Kevin grew up and attended school through his highschool years. He served many years in the US Army and has lived several places around the world. He has a wife, Clarissa and a son, Christopher.

His grandparents are Rich and Alice (Crabtree) Gregory and Lawrence and Florence (Gunderman) Beeson. He currently lives in Sierra Vista, Arizona.


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happy Birthday, Lester Adams

Wishing Lester a great day!

Lester was a great friend to my Uncle Lloyd Crabtree and this wish comes from my whole family.

-- Sherri Gregory

Saturday, February 03, 2007

McCormick-Deering Antique Engine

This old man has gone crazy!! Yes, that's nothing new. HAAA!!!

I'm going to buy a 1-1/2 horse power engine next week. I get mesmerized by the pop, pop, puff, pop, pop, puff, pop, FFFFFF!!! Pop, FFFFF!!!,Pop, Pop, Chug, Chug of those old one lungers that used to be on all the farms years ago. Do you remember them???

With a water pot on top for cooling the engine. There were different sizes in H.P., depending on what it was used for - pumping water, running a coneyer belt, etc. Some were set on skids and others were on rolling wheels for mobility because they were heavy to move by hand.

Has anybody heard of the (about 1914 era) Motor Wheel?? I may be buying a couple of those in the next month or so. I'd appreciate any information I can get on these old antiques. They are just so cool. Forget the calculus, logrithms, and let me play with old time history exponentials of the wheels. That is what I call FUN!!!

Nostalgia Lane

-- by Dallas Adams

Friday, February 02, 2007

Blog Note

Just in case anyone is wondering why there has been fewer posts this week, it is because this editor has been working (at my job - not at home) longer hours than usual for a week or two, AND trying to do something every day or so on my mother's "book". Hopefully, things will slow down next week.

I certainly enjoy and appreciate the notes I get from readers, which I am always happy to post, so keep them coming. Other Haiglerites really do want to know about YOUR life and what you are doing.

-- Editor

February 2 - Groundhog's Day

Good Morning to you.

Just wanted to share our temp reading with you. This morning at 5:00 the temp at our house said -17 (that means BELOW). Oh my gosh, I never will get out of my PJ's today. I know some of you have forgotten what those temps feel like, and so had we. We actually had to stick our nose out just to remember. One thing about it--Cold is Cold. Have a great day and think about us in the cold country. Ah, the wind chill was 29 below, almost forgot to tell you that.

-- Karen Lindell

The Locker Plant

I don’t know what year the plant was built, but it sure was cold in there. Lockers size, I think, were about 2 ft. by 2 ft. with a depth of about 2 ½ ft. I think some larger size lockers were below, but don’t remember for sure. Home freezers came out about 1954, doing away with the need for locker plants.

The Schorzmans were one of the proprietors of the locker plant. A butcher shop was located in the plant and meat was cut and wrapped in white paper and labeled with black or red marking pens and held together with a paper glue sealed sticker. Whacking two packages sounded like smacking bricks together. Length of time in the frozen lockers seemed to be about 3 minute durations. This was a sure way to keep roasts, steaks, chicken, frozen cherries, etc. until time of use. Does anyone remember the temperature inside the plant??? 5 – 10 degrees?

The Schorzman picture of Bob and Doris reminded me of the locker plant in Haigler and how much time changes in just a few years.

-- By Dallas Adams

Happy Birthday to Don Harford

Wishing Don a very happy birthday!

If it weren't for his story about downtown Haigler in the 1920s, this blog may have never been started. It was his story that gave us the idea to make a place on the internet where Haigler stories could be shared.

If you haven't read Don's story, just click HERE to enjoy his description of Haigler when he was young.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tribute to Laveria Evans

The January 31, 2007, Benkelman Post has a very nice tribute to Laveria (Stute) Evans that tells of a very active life with her husband Murray Evans, a son, 2 daughters, 9 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren and 1 great great grandchild.

Laveria was very well known and loved by people from Haigler and the surrounding area.

Haigler Happenings

This week in Haigler Happenings there is news of family members visiting other family members, birthdays, Haigler Post Office News and residents taking trips. One of the things mentioned is that "there are many former residents who have moved away but have left their hearts or at least a part of them here." This is the reason so many of us subscribe to the Benkelman Post; so we can keep up on what's happening at "home" and read about people we know.

Writing a note to Floy, telling where you are, what you are doing, what points of interest are in your area where you take visiting family and guests would be happily added to the Haigler Happenings column. If you are brave, you could send your address and let her publish it so long lost friends could write to you.

Floy is doing a great job writing interesting things in the Haigler Happenings column. Your "Happenings", even though they may not seem so, are interesting to hear about by other Haiglerites. Why not sit down today and write a little note.

It is always interesting to read about Haigler People. Thanks, Floy, for keeping us posted on the local news.

(How to subscribe to the Benkelman Post & News Chronicle - Click here)
(To email a note to Floy, Click here)

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  • Lloyd and Floyd Smith
  • Jami and Joni Pevler
  • Stella and Zella (Altman) Wall
  • Janice & Julia Relph
  • Pearline and Pauline Freehling
  • Sharon Ruth and Sheila Louise Rose
  • LaVerne & Laveta Smith
  • LaVoine & LaVonne Smith
  • Elois & Elaine Adams
  • Dorothy & Donnie Brown
  • Carolyn and Marilyn Samson
  • Galena & Gail Collicott
  • Grand-daughters of Rae White
  • John "Keefe" and Kiara Grace Schorzman