Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Yvonne Clemans, daughter of Dale and Dode Faylor, brought the Faylors a supplement to the Burlington Record sharing many articles of the 75th anniversary of the 1935 flood. Dode remembers how scary it was. She was five years old and the Rathbun family lived in the house in Haigler, now owned by Rae White. The Rathbuns lost no family but the Faylors were devastate by the loss of Dale’s grandparents and an Aunt and Uncle. The Faylors lived southeast of Benkelman where the Republican and Arickaree rivers joined. Dale’s father and his brothers searched for days but of no avail. They did find four horses that belonged to Dale’s grandparents. Dode remembers three of the horses as the Faylors still had them at the time she and Dale married in September of 1948.

Dode and Dale Faylor had supper in Wray Wednesday evening, the 23rd, in the home of Sabrina and Randy Crone. The Crones were foster parents when Faylors had the Youth Ranch.

Rick Pittit of Holden, Missouri, called Dale and Dode Faylor Saturday the 26th. Rick lived with the Faylors years ago and attended school in St. Francis.

Yvonne and Royce Clemans of Burlington, CO, spent some time in the home of Yvonne’s parents, Dale and Dode Faylor Saturday afternoon, the 26th

Pastor Inez Foster enjoyed seeing the progress of the schoolhouse, South 67 on Thursday afternoon. Stan Carlock was glad to show her how much has been done.

Pastor Inez Foster of Spencer, NE, came to Laura Pearl Wall’s home on Tuesday of last week. She and Laura Pearl attended a game in Wray that evening to watch Logan Klein play base ball. MerryLu Simmons visited in the Wall home on Wednesday. Pastor Inez and Laura Pearl were luncheon guests of the Simmons on Thursday. They went to Beecher Island to see the damage of the Tornado at the auditorium. Pastor Foster returned to Spencer on Friday

Randy, Laurie Perilla and children, Laura, Madison and Spencer and a friend, Haley Walker of Westminster were week-end guests of Bob and MerryLu Simmons. Laura Pearl Wall joined the group on Sunday. After lunch they went to the Arikaree River for a fun time of wading in the river and the children enjoyed chasing minnows, toads and frogs.

Helen Brown visited Sophia Zuege on Sunday. Lois Zuege was a visitor Friday Evening.

Garry Fisher of Wray came to Floy Fisher’s home to take her to the Wray hospital for a scope on Friday morning. He brought her home a few hours and a little “dopier” later. Garry’s wife, Sharon had been called to Minnesota to be with her mother who had sprained and cracked an ankle and was in the hospital. Her mother needed to be closely monitored after the injury because of other health issues.

Floy Fisher enjoyed a short visit with Laura Pearl Wall in Floy’s home Monday morning.

The Haigler community is saddened with the recent loss of Stanley Zuege and Clyde Smith. Stan was well known as a long time rural mail carrier. Clyde was a long time resident, first of the Haigler area and later of the St Francis area. He passed away on Saturday, June 26, at the Kearney Good Samaritan Hospital.

The cooperation of the individuals in the community in reporting new items is greatly appreciated. We would like to hear from those in the surrounding rural area also. Please call 297-3605, email or drop by 338 Washington Avenue. Also a mailbox is provided at the driveway for news items to be dropped off. We also like to hear from former Haigler residents who have moved away from the area but their hearts are still here.

Monday, June 28, 2010

You GO Girl!!

I'll apologize to Veda when I see her, but wanted to tell you that Doug reported the following on his facebook :
"My Mom went Skydiving yesterday. She jumped with the same guy I jumped with a couple of years ago. She is still wound up today. She will be 83 in August. Too cool!"
I say, "YOU GO GIRL!  Have the time of your life!"

-- Editor

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dundy County Fair

Want to Volunteer to help at the Dundy County Fair?

Go to their website to see what events you can help with. Dundy County Fair  (Click on Carnival, then Volunteer)

The Fair is July 24 through August 1.

Be sure to get your T-Shirt, designed by Monica Mercer

-- Editor

Tornado at Vernon

The tornado that touched down near Vernon, Colorado, the other night took part of the roof off the old auditorium at Beecher Island as well as causing other structural damage to the building.  Several big old cottonwood trees were damaged as the tornado swept through the area.

The following picture was taken last week when we visited Beecher Island. (A week before the tornado)

-- Editor

Farewell to Clyde Smith

We just received word that Clyde Smith, a long time resident of the Haigler and St. Francis area, passed away at 5:30 on Saturday, June 26, 2010 at the Kearney Good Samaritan Hospital.

Services will be held at the Knodel Funeral Home, 202 South Benton, St. Francis, Kansas at 10:30 on Wednesday, June 30, 2010.

We will miss Clyde, who has been a lifelong friend and neighbor.

Our sympathy goes out to the Smith family.

2010 Pre-Fair BBQ

July 23, 2010

Buy your tickets for the 2010 Pre-Fair BBQ to be held at Sage Hill Winery north of Parks, NE. This year's event will feature live music by the band SPOTLIGHT from Denver. All proceeds benefit the Dundy County Fair and the marketing efforts of

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Big Thank-You to the Carlocks and others

I want to express a great big THANK YOU to Stan and LaNeta Carlock for all the hard work they put in every day in preparation for a future opening of the "Cornerstone Museum", part of which is the nearly finished schoolhouse.  LaNeta told me there are a lot of other people who have helped them, but I know they spend every day working on this huge project and are the "power" behind the dream.

We chatted with LaNeta on Sunday afternoon while she gave us a tour of the schoolhouse and other areas of the property located on the block where Charlie and Lottie Roach used to have their businesses .

Many local people have donated items you can see around the school and the Crabtree Building.  Outside are tractors and antique farm machinery and playground equipment.  Some of the donations include things that will furnish the schoolhouse.

Some of the things being stored until "the time comes" to open, are the old Long Distance phone booth that used to be in the Central Office; buggies and horse drawn plows; upright piano; church pews; horse harnesses; the safe from the Drover's & Trader's Bank; potbellied stoves; many other items that will make a very interesting collection of local memorabilia and history.

The stove in the schoolhouse came from the old light and powerhouse and shows the many hours spent cleaning it up so it looks OLD, but NEW...  Like it probably looked the day it was delivered back in the 1800s.  The wainscoting came from the old Laird school and is being installed piece by piece.  There is a real "blackboard" on the wall and the teacher's desk and chair are sitting in the corner.

Their goal is to have the school complete in time for the Tumbleweed Festival in October.

-- Editor

FOUND: 1976; 1979; 1969; 1984 Annuals

Thanks to Veda Douglass and Dan Schorzman, (and Jody Crouse and Deb Schorzman for getting the books for me) I now have 1976, 1979, 1969, 1984 annuals to scan.

I am still missing 1980, 81, 82, 83, 85, 86 and anything 1946 and  before.

-- Editor

Thank You to the Haigler Alumni Association

While I was in Haigler yesterday, LaNeta Carlock presented a very nice award from the Haigler Alumni Association.  The plan was to present it at the Alumni meeting on May 31st, but I was unable to attend.

I wish to express my thanks to the association for the recognition given.   I will proudly display it on the wall of my office.

Here is a picture of the award.

~Sherri Gregory, Editor

A 3-Corners weekend

I had a very enjoyable time in the three corners area this weekend.  On Sunday Dwight & Leah took me out to Hale Ponds just east of Bonnie Dam where he likes to go fishing.  I had never heard of it, so enjoyed driving around it.  We took the river road west of St. Francis and wound our way across the south branch of the Republican River, turning right at the next road south where the old town of Jaqua used to be in the early part of the last century.  There is a foundation of an old building there and we wondered if it was part of the old town.

We all took our binoculars to focus in on the many birds around the area.  We saw redheaded woodpeckers, goldfinch, redwinged blackbirds, robins, western and eastern kingbirds, canada geese, turkeys, Swainson's hawk, brown thrush and cowbirds.  We also saw several white tailed deer.

We drove north across Bonnie Dam and caught the Beecher Island road going north into the Arikaree River Valley.

We discovered a monument at the top of "Peate Hill" honoring Peate and Donovan, the two scouts who were the first to reach Forsythe during the Battle of Beecher island.

We read the story of the battle and all the inscriptions on the monument and were thankful for the people responsible for preserving the memory of these soldiers.

We peeked in the windows of the old auditorium where we remember attending programs and picnics when we were children.

We went up the hill to the north and looked at the monument for Roman Nose, the leader of the band of Indians who fought in the battle.

Then took off across country roads, going back across the Arikaree - finally ending up in Haigler.  So we touched all three states during that afternoon. -- Editor

Stanley Zuege

We received word today that Stanley Zuege passed away this morning in Greeley.

Our sympathy goes out to Lois and their family.

Haigler Happenings - June 21, 2010

The sea to Shining Sea wounded warrior bike riders passed through Haigler Monday morning.  A small, but patriotic, group was on hand to welcome them.
Gary Krutsingger of Parks along with brother Ron and Tom Ellis were Monday visitors in the home of Gerald ad Betty Myer.  It had been approximately 50 years since they had seen Ron Krutsinger and Tom Ellis.  What a nice surprise.  Gerald didn't recognize them until they introduced themselves.
Quentin, Tonya and Taya Simmons brought Pizza to Laura Pearl Wall's home on Friday and they all enjoyed the evening.  On Sunday the Simmons' dinner guests were Laura Pearl Wall and Sophia Zuege.
Father's Day guests in the Robert Simmons home included Dwight and Jessica Wall, of Lewellen, Nebraska, Quentin, Tonya and Taya Simmons and Laura Pearl Wall.  Jessica and Laura Pearl left early so they could picked cherries the the Wall home.  Jessica left erly on Monday morning to help her mother celebrate her birthday in McCook.
Laura Pearl Visited Merry Lu and Bob on Friday afternoon and later visited several friends at Hillcrest retirement home.
Warren Kerns of Torrington, WY, spent Thursday afternoon the 17th in the Faylor home visiting with Dale, Dode, Dwight and Kim Faylor.  Warren spent some time with the Faylors and attended school in St. Francis.
Dale, Dode, Dwight and Kim Faylor spent Saturday the 19th with the Clemans and Sherri Morabito in Burlington, CO, celebrating Father's Day a day early.
Dale Faylor received a call on Father's Day from Jeff Gish, a young man that lived with the Faylors a number of years ago.  Jeff attended school in St. Francis and now lives in Austin, TX.
Thursday morning, early, Garry and Sharon Fisher took Floy Fisher and Mel and Morma Fisher to the airport in Denver to board the plane for Philadelphia, PA.  Robert and Lenea, grandson of Floy and son of Mel, met them at the airport in Philadelphia and continued on to Blue Mountain Academy about a 3 hour drive from the airport.  A ten day campmeeting was in progress.  Robert was ordained as a minister in an afternoon service on Saturday, the 19th.  Robert's mother, Beth Wren, from California and Floy stayed together in a room in the girls dormitory.  Fred Elkins, Beth's father from Idaho roomed next door.  All three of them arrived at different times on Thursday and all left for their homes on Monday morning.  Floy arrived home in Haigler about 3:00 p.m. - just in time to collect the news items and get them in on time.  Floy wishes to thank all of the persons who provided the items.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Haigler Happenings - June 14, 2010

We thought summer had finally arrived until Friday night when a wet, cold front moved in.  The inch of good soaking rain was appreciated. Late Sunday afternoon the sun made its cheering appearance.  Monday morning the cold, wind and clouds had returned but was clearing by noon.  I wonder how many had just put away their winter wardrobe and replaced it with summer clothing.  Oops!

Many residents of the Haigler Community attended the Customer Appreciation Barbecue in Laird on Saturday evening for Tri-Corner Trailer Sales and Valley Automotive.

The Collicott sisters, LaNeta Carlock, Myrna Mulligan, and Galena Webster drove to Greeley, CO on Wednesday for medical appointments.  They overnighted in Estes Park.

Quentin, Tonya and Taya Simmons brought Pizza to Laura Pearl Wall’s home on Friday and they enjoyed the evening.

On Sunday the Simmon’s dinner guests were Laura Pearl Wall and Sophia Zuege.

Yvonne Clemans of Burlington spent Friday with her parents, Dale and Dode Faylor.  Dwight Faylor ate dinner with them and Ed Robinson stopped in for a visit in the afternoon.

Albert Zuege, Jr. spent Thursday night and Friday with his mother, Sophia.  Viola Wall of Wray, CO was a visitor on Friday.

Garry and Sharon Fisher brought delicious Chili for lunch and shared it with Floy Fisher in her home on Sunday.  Strawberry Rhubarb pie was enjoyed for dessert.  After lunch Gary did some work around the place and Sharon gave Floy a perm.

Please note: Floy will not be home Monday morning, the 21st, to take calls for news items, but should there by one o’clock or soon after. 

(News notes can also be sent by email to: ffisher @

Monday, June 07, 2010

Haigler Happenings - June 7, 2010

Calvin Freehling attended his 50th Haigler High School class reunion on Saturday.  All living members were there except Judy Stute. He also saw Gwen Scrivner and Almeda Bier.  LaNeta Carlock went all out and did a great job coordinating things.  They returned home that night and were worn out the next day.
Stan & Galena Webster hosted a cookout on Saturday May 29 to celebrate the 40th class reunion of the 1970 Haigler High graduates.  Many classmates and friends attended.  Many memories and stories were shared over the meal, with desert of home made ice-cream and cake.
Paul and Nancy Freehling visited in the home of Calvin and Susan Freehling of rural Indianola Sunday.  They celebrated Paul's birthday which was that day.
Ty Mayo, son of Karen Harford, came from his home in Grapevine, Texas, for his 25th High School reunion that was held in Benkelman.
Jeannie Zuege of Hot Springs, S.D. came on May 27.  Sopia Zuege and Laura Pearl Wall accompanied her to Hastings on Friday to visit Kimberly Zuege.  Jeannie returned to Hot Springs on Monday.
Spencer Perila celebrated his fifth birthday on June 5.  The theme of the party was Spider Man.  Many relatives and friends attended.
Laura Pearl Wall visited Dwight and Jessica Wall on Friday night.  They attended Spencer Perila's birthday party in Westminster on Saturday.
Helen Brown visited Sophia Zuege on Friday and Jan Mills was a visitor on Monday.
Sherri Gregory posted, on the Haigler Blog, a poem that Floy Crabtree-Fisher wrote when she was a teenager about her father, Frank Crabtree.  Floy revised it a bit and added a few lines to it before sending it.  A few Haiglerites may remember that Frank lived past 100 years old.  Floy now owns the property where the Crabtrees - Frank, Mae and son Lloyd lived.  They all are now deceased.
Please feel free to call 308-297-3605 for any news item you might have or drop it off at 338 Washington Avenue.  E-mail address
The strange "bob cat" was seen again.  This time it was going across the yard then trotting up the
the middle of a gravel street, west, toward the school.  It seemed to know where it was going.  Does someone in Haigler have a rare breed of cat?  We are curious.  Call 297-3605 if you know.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Dundy County Fair

The Dates are posted on the Dundy County Fair website.  And they have a very cool T-Shirt this year.

Go to to get the latest info!

Also keep up with the latest news on  the Dundy County Fair Facebook Page.

- Editor

Father's Day - June 20, 2010

With Father's Day coming up in a couple of weeks, if any of you would like to write a note about your father to post on the blog, just email it to me (along with pictures, if you want to) and I will post it for you.

Send to

-- Editor

Father's Day

I got the neatest note from Floy today.  Let me just share it with you.

-- Editor

The church is having a Father's day program for Sabbath School next Sabbath.  I was asked to write a poem to read.  I had written this one in my teens but have changed and added a little to it for the occasion.
We are to bring a picture of our fathers to display and write a little bit about them.  I have an announcement poster of daddy's 100th birthday celebration at Hester home which I am taking.

Here is the poem.


Of all the rhyming talent, the poets ever had,
They often write of Mother, but seldom write of Dad
My dad is Elder of the church--there many a duty lies.
He always knows just what to do whenever troubles rise.

His Bible is his constant guide, a wise man thus he is,
For gems of wisdom hidden deep within the book are his.
Though he is poor in this world's goods, all Heaven's at his command.
For when his earnest prayers arise, God hears and fills his hand.

His friends and neighbors see in him a conscientious man.
He is kind and honest in his ways, helping where he can.
Since he is slow of speech, he doesn’t have much to say;
But when he talks ‘tis well thought out and right in every way.

Morning and evening worship were faithfully observed.
He strove to teach us all to know the God he loved and served.
I don’t remember hearing a cross word ever spoken.
But when he punished me (‘twas rare) my tender heart was broken.

He sacrificed along with mom, sent me to boarding school,
Where there were Christian teachers. Bible teachings were the rule.
He has struggled hard and long to give us all good care.
When Jesus comes to take us home, may his family all be there.


By the way, he was a poet, too; with perfect rhythm, wrote.
But he did not save them – must have fed them to the goat.

By Floy

Attention Class of 1961

Joan Phipps Luebbe wrote...

Hello to all: I cannot believe that it has been almost fifty years since we graduated from good 'ole' Haigler High. I am looking for my classmates and hope to set up a social time for us next year to look at yearbooks, tell old stories, and, in general, have a great time. We shouldn't have the biggest project for an alumni group as there were only seven grads: Dwight Beeson, Joan Wheaton, Freda Sass, Carol Wall, Evelyn Williams, Betty Schwartz & me.

If anyone knows where any of these grads are, let me know and I will contact them. Thank you!!

28th Annual Stearman Fly-In - June 12-13, 2010

28th Annual: June 12-13, 2010

St. Francis, Kansas

Friday, June 11, the skies above St. Francis, Kansas will be filled with the sound of airplanes coming in for the weekend event.  Not only vintage Stearmans, but also spectators from around the country who come to see the exhibits and take part in the events.

Friday evening, you will see skydivers heading for the high school practice field and on Saturday morning as the sun rises, hot air balloons will be quietly moving overhead.  During the day, you can watch skydivers, a Helium Balloon Bust and eat a BBQ lunch at the park.  You might even be able to arrange a ride in a Stearman.

To check out more about this event click HERE

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Haigler Happenings May 31, 2010

Paul and Nancy Freehling visited in the home of Calvin and Susan Freehling of rural Indianola on Sunday, May 23. They celebrated Paul's birthday which was Sunday.

Haigler came to life over the weekend with families visiting and enjoying the good weather and time together.  A large number attended the Memorial services at the cemetery Monday morning at 10:00 also the activities at the Legion Hall afterward. 

Delores Zuege reports that over 90 people attended the family reunion at the Haigler Park over the Memorial Day weekend. Guests in her home from Friday to Monday included daughter Louise and husband Harry Thomsen, Blake and Carmen Thomsen with their two little girls, and Delores' sister, Almeda Bier. Other in and out guests were Gary and Pam Zuege, Cory and Brook.

Almeda Bier of St. Francis and Delores Zuege attended Brook Zuege's High School graduation Saturday at Wray.

Sherri Morabito spent Friday to Monday visiting in the home of her parents, Dale and Dode Faylor.  A new arrival, son of the Brent Boyds, of Texas, became Dale and Dode's 21st great grandchild.  His name is Brauch, (pronounced Brock). He has two big sisters and a big brother.
Jan Mills visited Sophia Thursday afternoon.  Albert Zuege Jr. and Billy Samler were dinner guests of Sophia Zuege on Memorial day.

There'll be more Memorial Day weekend news next week.

Haigler Blog Editor's note:  Floy has agreed to begin writing the "Haigler Happenings" column in the local papers again, so watch for it each week.  We will also publish the column here on the blog.

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