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For security reasons, I can't reveal some things of the past, but you can go to a website and look it up for your own information

My military experience is one like - you had to live it, breathe it, feel it, talk it - inside a command center -- kinda like you see in a suspense, action packed, drama movie (military type movie)

From south of Haigler about two miles on Hiway 27 on one of those high hills, you can see Pike's Peak on a crisp clear winter day when there is no smog or haze. Not too far from Pikes Peak, there is the Strategic Command Headquarters burrowed into the side of a mountain. It would be redundant of me to say things that I experienced 40-45 years ago, to the generation of today. There are many new technologies, devices and changes to the defense systems of today's wepons.

The tactical defense in the operations room, where I was assigned, in my opinion was a very impressive assignment for that time era.

I will write a different analogy later on, putting some humor into this experience.


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Most of the recent pictures in the blog are stored in the blog picture album. If you would like to go see the album, here is the link. Just click on the picture below:

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Most of you know I live out here in the Northwest. There is a legendary creature known as Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot.

This creature resembles half human and half ape, stands about nine feet and supports a large framed body. This creature has feet probably size 16 or 18. Alas, that is the source of the nickname, Bigfoot. There are many Indian tribes in the area and the name Sasquatch is probably the origin of the name bigfoot.

Bigfoot has been spotted numberous times in the countryside of the mountain regions of the Cascades and the Olympic Ranges - some very rugged terrain indeed.

Some people with very responsible positions have claimed to have eye witness accounts of observing Bigfoot. In the late '60s and early '70s, were pictures of this roaming beast on video camera.

Now in this new century, we have cameras that observe activity up to seven miles, GPS systems, small hand held cameras that have up to 15 pixels, camcorders with very high reliability, infrared camera and Bigfoot seems to have eluded the thrill seekers out for the big reward money.

People who examine skeletal remains have never found remains of Bigfoot, not even out in the wilds, so there goes my dream of ever encountering or seeing Bigfoot. Two of the things I wanted to do before passing on into the new life, was seeing Bigfoot up close and seeing an alien from another planet.

Back in the '50s, there was an elderly gentelman that fished alot up at Lake Ogallala and that other big lake, McConaughy, claims to have seen a figure walking the shores late at night. He would tell this story downtown Haigler and the ears would sure pick-up on this tale. Some people have an exuberation of getting tall tales started.

What do you Think?


Monday, March 26, 2007

Miniature B-29

Another tribute to the Flying Haigler Ranchers. This was sent to me by Richard Hoover and I find this art of miniture airplane flying quite fascinating! It is a Hum Doosey!


You Grew up in Rural Nebraska IF . . .

  1. You know how to polka, but never tried it sober...
  2. You know what knee-high by the Fourth of July means.
  3. You know it is traditional for the bride and groom to go bar hopping between the reception and wedding dance.
  4. You know the difference between "Green" and "Red" farm machinery, and would fight with your friends over which was better!
  5. You buy Christmas presents at Tractor Supply.
  6. You spent more on beer & liquor than you did on food at your wedding.
  7. You or someone you know was a "Dairy Princess" at the county fair.
  8. You know that "combine" is a noun.
  9. You let your older siblings talk you into putting your tongue on a steel post in the middle of winter.
  10. You think Catholic and Lutheran are THE major religions.
  11. You know that "creek" rhymes with "pick".
  12. Football schedules, hunting season and harvest are all taken into consideration before wedding dates are set.
  13. A Friday night date is getting a six-pack and taking your girlfriend shining for deer.
  14. There was at least one kid in your class who had to help milk cows in the morning... phew!
  15. Every wedding dance you have ever been to has the hokey pokey and the chicken dance.
  16. Your definition of a small town is one that only has one bar.
  17. The local gas station sells live bait.
  18. At least twice a year some part of your home doubles as a meat processing plant.
  19. You think that the start of deer season is a national holiday.
  20. Pop is the only name for soda.
  21. You actually understand these jokes and will forward them to all your >Nebraska friends!!!!!

- Luke Cochran

Friday, March 23, 2007

The BIG AZ Snowstorm of 2007

Not to be outdone by the Haigler people who displayed their pictures of the winter snowstorms, Dwight and Leah Brewer want you to know that they had a BIG snowstorm in Tucson on January 21. (Leah says it was a DRY snow!)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Laverna Reed Mizner - Class of 1942

I have just received the blog thru several different channels. I went to school in Haigler until 1935, started first grade and left when I was in the fifth. My dad, Lloyd Reed, had the dairy, we delivered milk every morning to the stores and to the houses. quite a route, I enjoyed Don Harford's story of Haigler, I remember it very well, but I also can add a few things. There was a negro couple, Joe and Mollie Green that ran a cream station, we all like to go to Mollie and Joe's they were so good to all of us little ones.

My great grandmother was Grandma Ritner, Grandpa in earlier days ran a livery stable and after he passed away Grandma worked at the hotel in the kitchen for Mrs. Waggle. I don't know how long she had the hotel. Grandma was thrown from the car when they went to take her home from working in Schmutte's cafe. It caused her death.

We, my brother Leonard and later my brother Eldon would ride to town in the morning with Dad but walked home, we only lived about a mile from town, so it wasn't far. Is there any one from the class of '42 still around Haigler. That is the class I would have graduated with. I still have relatives around Haigler.

The Walls and Zuege's.

Do you remember the dirt storms, they would be so bad, the students were not allowed to leave the school unless some older person came for them, and they say these were the good old days, a matter of opinion.

Would like to hear from someone from this time era. Laverna Reed Mizner

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sandhill Cranes

As I drove down I-80 early this morning - going west through the center of the state between Grand Island and Kearney, I was reminded that the Sandhill Cranes go through that area by the thousands every spring and fall.

If you have never visited that part of the state in middle to late March, it is worth a trip to see them flying in groups and eating in the cornfields. These huge birds are fascinating and beautiful.

I'm glad I went that way today!

Things Remembered

While visiting with people who attended Norm Beeson's service today, I was reminded of many things long forgotten!

Rae White and Pat (Wheaton) -her last name escapes me, were there and I remembered that "Patty" always had all the latest records. (She says she still has them!) One summer, the kids "made" a Youth Center at the empty Brunswig building just west of the old Post Office. Patty had her record player there and several teenagers were dancing in the "showroom" while others were playing ping pong or pool in the "garage part" of the building. It was a rare thing that we Gregory girls got to go to town on Saturday night, but we had talked Daddy into taking us on that particular night. Of course, since all the kids were at the "Youth Center", I went there, too. Of course, this was a "forbidden" place for me to be since I was probably all of 13 - maybe 14!!! When my dad got ready to go home, that is where he found me - dancing with one of the high school boys (name to be undivulged)... Needless to say, I was grounded for the next few weeks. My dad was a fun loving friendly guy, but VERY protective of "his girls."

I also enjoyed seeing Norm's sisters Alice and Kathy from California and Bobbi, even though I had never known them very well. Butch was there from back east and it was nice to catch up on what he is doing - (he is retired and living the life of "Riley"!!) Actually, it sounds like he keeps pretty busy helping his kids with projects around their homes. I met Bobbi's husband, who sang "On An Old Rugged Cross" beautifully at the graveside service. Marvin's daughter and children were there.

It was nice to meet C.D. Samler and chat with him for a bit. Remembering some of the people that we both remember. I remember my dad talking about his dad, Oscar Samler, but never can remember specifics. Just that they were friends.

All of Norm's kids were there: Kevin, the oldest along with his wife Clarissa and son Christopher; Kelly and her husband Dave Barger and their daughter Sara and grandson Kevin. Kelly's son Kevin is in England and was not able to attend. He will be home in May before shipping back out for Japan. He is in the Navy. Shelley was there with her husband Scott Parker and three children Sam, John and Abbey and Scott's brother. Jeri and daughter Kayla were there with Jeri's friend Steve. Ray and Floy Ruggles drove up from Haigler. Leone was there, too. She and Norm remained friends and both of them loved their kids.

I don't have access to the guestbook, but there were alot more people there who I don't know. A couple of Norm's aunts, who live near Holyoke were there. The pastor of the 1st Christian Church had a beautiful talk which was very appropriatly applied to how Norman lived his life -- Working hard, Loving his family, Always cheerful. Very loved by his children and grandchildren - and by everyone else who knew him.

Norm's last few years were spent with his family. He stayed with each one of his children for a period of time and then would move on to another. He also spent time with his sisters. They recently had a reunion in Nevada where they all were able to spend a wonderful time together.

I'm shareing this with you, because I know most of you remember Norm and would want to know that he lived a good life and had the love & respect of his friends and family.

Monday, March 19, 2007

50th Reunion for Class of '57

This year will be the 50th Class Reunion for those who graduated in 1957, as Rae White reminded me on Tuesday. So here is the Senior section of the '57 yearbook.

It would be great to have a large number of this class come to the reunion on Memorial Day Weekend. Hope to see you there.

(Click on picture to see enlarged version)

Roger Meyer Will Be Missed

Word has been received that Roger Meyer passed away. He was the second child of Everett and Grace Myer long time Haigler area residents. He had an older brother Ross and a younger sister Linda.
--Cal Freehling

Double Dog Dare Ya to Read This

Dallas sent me this link to a really cool list of "memories" called "Do You Remember When". When you need a break, go look at this website and sit back and "Remember When".

Do You Remember When?

1950 Haigler Annual Dedicated to John Zweygardt

Dallas's note reminded me that I had seen a picture of John Zweygardt in one of the Haigler annuals that Cal Freehling loaned me to scan. Here is the picture and page Dedicating the annual of 1950 to John .

Genealogy - Note

On the right sidebar, if you scroll down to "Links" and click on the "Haigler, Nebraska - Our Town" link, another window comes up with Haigler links. There is one there for the Haigler Cemetery where Frank and Mable Bullock are listed. I did not see a Zweygardt listed, unless they are buried in the Plains Cemetery south of Haigler.

I knew theBullocks and Zweygardts who lived in Haigler, even though I was not born until 1939, John Zweygart worked at the Haigler school and Rudy worked for Wally McKay at the Plymouth dealership in Haigler. Rudy later moved to the Denver area and that's about when I lost touch with Rudy.

I remember the house that the Bullocks lived in, but when kids get married and move, then I lost touch -- as I graduated in 1957 - moved to Denver, and then on to the N.W. in Washington State. 50 years of absence from Haigler does not leave the memory very fresh, but I do remember the families.

Good Luck in your search
Dallas Adams

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hope you had a Happy St. Patrick's Day

Graveside Service for Norm Beeson

There will be a graveside service for Norm Beeson at the Holyoke cemetery at 1:00 pm (MDT) on Tuesday. If anyone wants to send flowers, they can be sent to the Gerk Funeral Home in Holyoke. The family asks that any memorials be sent directly to the American Heart Association.

Family Researcher - Zweygardt / Bullock

The following is an entry from the Guestbook that I wanted to post here so you don't miss it. The Bullock family and Zweygardt family are both well known names that probably bring up memories for alot of you. I have forwarded Michael's entry to Alice Gregory and Don Smith, who I know would have information to share about these families since Don married Mary Bullock and Alice lived the next farm to one of the Zweygardt famlies when she was a young girl.

If anyone else has something to share with this family researcher, feel free to visit the guestbook for his email address and send him a note. (It would be nice to post your memories on the blog, also, so feel free to cc: me)

Greetings Haiglerians! I came accross your page while Googling up some family history,( Rudy Zweygardt to be exact.),and found your site a great source of information about all things Haigler,as told by those who reside there! My Great Uncle Frank Bullock and his wife Mabel,and their children Arden,Lila,Mary, and Edith were all long time residents of Haigler.(1920's through the 1970's). My grandmother lived there for a spell too. I'm hoping to see Haigler up close and personal this summer on my cross country vacation to see my ancestors hometowns.

Feel free to relate any stories you might have on my family members! Thanks! Michael Bryant

Friday, March 16, 2007

Norman Beeson Will Be Missed

Many of you know Norman Beeson, who grew up in Haigler and graduated from Haigler High School in 1959. He married Leone Gregory and they had 4 children, Kevin, Kelly, Shelley and Jeri. Even though Leone and Norman were divorced many years ago, Norman has remained a part or our family. He attended our family dinners and was included as if he were our brother. We loved him as though he was. He has lived with his daughter, Shelley, for the last few years after his health began failing. We will miss him.

Norman passed away this morning at Shelley's home. The funeral will be in Holyoke, Colorado on Tuesday, March 20. Details are not confirmed, but will be posted as soon as we know.

-- Sherri Gregory

Norman Beeson

Norman Eugene Beeson, 65, died March 16, 2007 in Craig. Norman was born to Lawrence and Florence Beeson in Benkelman, Neb. April 29, 1941.

He graduated from Haigler, Neb. High School in 1959. He married Leone Gregory in May 1962 and raised four children. Later in 1980, he married Jacque Kier who preceded him in death in 1998.

Norman spent most of his life in the Colorado/Nebraska area. He spent his later years playing with grandchildren and visiting family and friends in Arizona, California and Colorado. He enjoyed western music and movies. After retiring, he spent many hours reading Louis L'Amour books and writing and reading e-mails from friends and family. He was a man of his word and went out of his way to help everyone he came in contact with.

He is survived by his children, Kevin and Clarissa Beeson of Sierra Vista, Ariz., Kelly and Dave Barger of Johnstown, Shelley and Scott Parker of Craig and Jeri Beeson of Tucson, Ariz.; seven grandchildren; one great-grandchild; sisters Kathy, Roberta and Alice; and brother Dwight.
Norman was preceded in death by his parents Lawrence and Florence Beeson, brother Marvin and wife Jacque.

Visitation was Tuesday, March 20 at Gerk Funeral Home. Graveside services were conducted March 20 at Holyoke Memorial Park, with Pastor Jim Blake officiating.

Contributions may be made to: Norman Beeson Memorial Fund, c/o Shelley Parker, 1283 Lincoln St., Craig, CO 81625.

Gerk Funeral Home was entrusted with the arrangements.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Balloon ride, proof of the pudding

Does it look like we had a good time?-- Submitted by R.H. Hoover

Sound Familiar?


Those who grew up in small towns will laugh when they read this. Those who didn't will be in disbelief.

1) You can name everyone you graduated with.

2) You know what 4-H means.

3) You went to parties at a pasture, barn, gravel pit, or in the middle of a dirt road. On Monday you could always tell who was at the party because of the scratches on their legs from running through the woods when the party was busted. (See #6.)

4) You used to "drag" Main.

5) You said the "F" word and your parents knew within the hour.

6) You scheduled parties around the schedules of different police officers because you knew which ones would bust you and which ones wouldn't.

7) You could never buy cigarettes because all the store clerks knew how old you were (and if you were old enough, they'd tell your parents anyhow).

8) When you did find somebody old enough and brave enough to buy cigarettes, you still had to go out into the country and drive on back roads to smoke them.

9) You knew which section of the ditch you would find the beer your buyer dropped off.

10) It was cool to date somebody from the neighboring town.

11) The whole school went to the same party after graduation.

12) You didn't give directions by street names but rather by references. Turn by Nelson's house, go 2 blocks to Anderson's, and it's four houses left of the track field.

13) The golf course had only 9 holes. (If there was one)

14) You couldn't help but date a friend's ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.

15) Your car stayed filthy because of the dirt roads, and you will never own a dark vehicle for this reason.

16) The town next to you was considered "trashy" or "snooty," but was actually just like your town.

17) You referred to anyone with a house newer than 1965 as the "rich people."

18) The people in the "big city" dressed funny, and then you picked up the trend 2 years later.

19) Anyone you wanted could be found at the local gas station, drive-in or the town bar.

20) You saw at least one friend a week driving a tractor through town or one of your friends driving a grain truck to school occasionally.

21) The gym teacher suggested you haul hay for the summer to get stronger.

22) Directions were given using THE stop light as a reference.

23) When you decided to walk somewhere for exercise, 5 people would pull over and ask if you wanted a ride.

24) Your teachers called you by your older siblings' names.

25) Your teachers remembered when they taught your parents.

26) You could charge at any local store or write checks without any ID.

27) The closest McDonalds was 45 miles away (or more).

28) The closest mall was over an hour away.

29) It was normal to see an old man riding through town on a riding lawn mower.

30) Most people went by a nickname.

31) You laughed reading this because you know it is true, and you forward it to everyone who may have lived in a small town.

-- Cal Freehling

Familiar Names?

Received the following note from Larry Wall: Thought maybe some of you might know some of the people mentioned.

I ran into a neighbor of mine the other day and we got to talking and come to find out he's from the South West Corner of Nebraska area. I was thinking maybe you could post his name and the names of the folks he's related to and maybe someone would remember him. Thanks, Larry .....
Here is the note Larry wrote to his Uncle Willie - Larry will share the response at a later date.
Hi Willie, How are you doing? I want to ask you about some people that used to live around the Benkelman Area. My neighbor that lives across the street from me stopped by and we got to talking and come to find out he's from the Big Timber area. His name is Robert Seitz and his Dad's name was the same Bob Seitz. Did you ever know or hear of them?

He said he has a lot of relation that are from around there. He has a Uncle named Kenneth Stroup, sound familiar? Isn't that Donna's maiden name? Also he mentioned a Richard Hendricks, Cy Kettler, John & Guy Main, Seibolt, Blackenship, and George & Rita Wilkenson. Anyway we talked about the Town and as much as I could remember about the folks that live there. I told him to e-mail me and I'd let him know what I could find out about these people and if you have ever heard of them. Thanks Willie hope to hear from you soon. Take care , Larry
Feel free to comment on this post if you know any of these people:

Memories of Margaret (Stafford) Hightower

Letter to cousin Floy from Margaret (Stafford) Hightower, daughter of Lewis (Lute) and Georgia (Bartlett) Stafford. (*italics supplied)

I have been really enjoying the Benkelman Post every week and especially your column and yes I remember my school days in the little country school - one teacher, forty five kids and 9 grades. And we had every subject every day. The last three years there, I helped the teacher with the first 3 grades, as one little girl was afraid of the man teacher. So along with my studies, I taught those grades with their reading, writing, spelling and arithmetic.

Then they voted that school out and the schoolhouse was sold to the Hurley Crabtree family. Harvey and Marie (*moved it to) the Crabtree farm and built onto it and made their home there.

I remember the programs we had there and even the Box suppers. The girls took a nice box supper and the men and boys bought them, then ate with the buyer. And I remember one time we went to your (*probably Prairie Rose) school or something, I don't remember if it was a program - the children put on as if it was a church gathering.

I also remember about a school house our Grandfather Bartlett bought and moved to their farm, years before I can remember, and they said 18 (*people) lived in it one winter while they built a sod house right next to it. I was told he paid $35 for that school house. Then after they built the big house they moved the school house north about a quarter of a mile where our Uncle Harry and his wife lived.

The first time it was moved must have been about 1910 or 1911. As it was about the time the Bartletts moved from Eastern Kansas.

Mamma told me that she and Grandpa Bartlett came west in a covered wagon and took out the homestead land there, then went back and your mother (*Mae (Bartlett) Crabtree) Uncle Art (*Bartlett) ,and My mother (*Georgia (Bartlett) Stafford) stayed back in Jewell County, Kansas, to harvest the crops and the rest of the family moved out to Cheyenne County. Uncle Harry was born in 1911 (In Cheyenne County). Then the three older ones came west and evidently some of the Hughes boys (their uncles) came about the same time because that winter they all lived in the schoolhouse.

When Grandpa and my mom came they had no place to stay, so my grandparents (the *Job Staffords) asked them to stay with them until they could get a place built. Well, sort of an underground place to live. It was over the hill, east of where they finally built the house where they were to live.

And, Oh, the wonderful garden Grandpa and Grandma raised there in that little valley. They had Cherry and Pear trees and the pears were Bartlett pears. I thought it was because of their name was why they were called Bartlett pears. The rhubarb plants grew so big Grandpa would give each of us 4 girls a stem with a big leaf for an umbrella when it was real hot in the summers.

I was in Goodland one time and Jack & Jerry Bartlett wanted me to go with them and we drove over to Grandpa's farm and of course the house had been moved away and the barn was about to fall down. But those pear trees were still producing. But deer had gotten as high as they could reach and had picked them. There were deer everywhere - all over those hills, something we never saw back in the days of old.

We have to lock everything up now days and we should have back then, too, as one year my mother had just put 200 laying hens in the laying houses and a neighbor came one night when we were away and took every one of them. We found out who it was because he had sold them in Benkelman. My dad happened to be in Benkelman one day and the man that had bought those hens told my dad that he was so proud of xxx as he had bought so many nice chickens from him a day or so before. But xxx never had a place to raise that many chickens. Other neighbors had lost chickens, too. Everyone called the couple Galloping xxx and Trotting xxx, as they walked into places at any time and from different directions. Yes, they had a car but they never drove in to places unless they knew the owners were gone.

Another time Mamma raised some turkeys and they didn't get very big when that couple took all but the little ones. Oh, if they walked in, people would take them in out of the hot sun and let them have water or eat a meal.

People were friendly with them but knew they were looking things over to see what they could take and sell. Oh, they farmed. But their crops hardly ever done much, as he really didn't take care of the crops too well and they only had a few acres, if I know or remember rightly.

--Margaret Hightower grew up around and in Parks, Nebraska. She is 91 years old and the cousin of Floy Ruggles and Alice Gregory.

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Thank You From Leah

A very special "Thank You" to my sister - the blog-lady for the great birthday slide show she posted for my birthday. Actually I haven't had a birthday for 3 years, so next year I will have a REAL one. Funny how you don't think you are getting old, but my grandchildren sure had fun with the picture that had the old model "A's" or "T's" in the background. Wish we had a couple of them now, huh?
Anyway Sherri, you do a lot of work on the blog, just so we all can get on and see what you are doing.
Thank you to all of you who wrote and wished me Happy Birthday.
LOVE YOU, SHERRI - from your big sister Leah

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Best of the Blog

I've been spending some time in the last couple of weeks putting together a "Best of the Blog" newsletter that contains the stories written by readers. I have been amazed, when looking back and trying to compile the pages with "same subject" content, that there are so many different contributors and stories.

I began this project when Karen Harford mentioned that her dad liked to read those stories that she prints out for him. Printing pages from the blog isn't the best format, so I began putting some of the stories together, planning to put them into a more "printable" format. I also increased the font size to 12 to make it easier to read.

So far, I have compiled 72 pages and am not done! I'm just wondering how many people would be interested in having a "Best of the Blog" newsletter. There is no way that it would be cost effective for me to print and mail it out, unless people were willing to pay for it. Since so much of it is in color, I have no idea how much it would cost. Where I work, it costs me .45 per page to have a color page printed. That would make this newsletter worth its weight in GOLD!!

Then I thought about putting it into PDF format and everyone could print their own pages. But, then, there will be people who will want a copy that don't have access to a color printer.... and then there are people who don't have computers but would like a copy.... Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all!!

Any suggestions?

E-mail me!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Miss Laura Johnson - An Outstanding Teacher

One of Haigler's outstanding high school teachers, Miss Laura Johnson.

This is a picture of her taken at the Wahoo, Nebraska Retirement Home in 1976.

She was a Missionary/Teacher to Burma during World War II and escaped from the Japanese over the Burma Hump.

I was fortunate enough to have her for four years. We stayed in touch until her passing.

--Cal Freehling

Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Joann Webster

We want to wish a Happy Birthday to Joann Webster, whose birthday is Monday, March 5.

Hope you have a wonderful day, Joann.

Check the Calendar on the right sidebar to add or read Haigler Events.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Douglass Family Clips - Aug. 31, 1967

Click on clipping to enlarge.
While reading the Haigler News in the August 31, 1967 Benkelman paper, I noticed that there were several notes about the Douglass family, so here is a compilation of those bits & pieces where they were mentioned.

Centennial August 1967

Williams - Vanderford - Crabtree Clippings

Crabtree - Williams - Vanderford families all share ancestors.

  • Elizabeth (Crabtree) Pate was the daughter of Peter and Sarah (Williams) Crabtree.
  • Alice (Crabtree) Gregory is the grand-daughter of Peter and Sarah Crabtree
  • Sarah (Williams) Crabtree was the daughter of William Henry and Elizabeth (Altman) Williams and the sister of Jonathan Henry Williams.
  • Jonathan Henry Williams was the son of William Henry and Elizabeth (Aultmann) Williams, Jonathan married Mary Ellen (Ellie) Vanderford
  • Robert Williams was the son of Jonathan Henry and Mary Ellen (Vanderford) Williams

Note from Alice Gregory

There was the Bill and Martha Todd family in the Prairie Bell school district. Mrs. Todd was a Kruger, sister of Bill Krugerand of Elsie (Mrs. Charlie) Vanderford, They lived north and west of the schoolhouse. There were two boys oldest. Clinton and Leonard. And three girls: Vida, Marjorie, and Osa. Marjorie was near Floy's age when they went to Prairie Bell school and they were good friends. The boys went to the CCC camp to work. Then into the service. Vida married a soldier--They had three little girls and then a boy. Vida died when the boy was born.
Osa was a toddler when Floy was in school there. A little doll.

Jonathan Henry Williams was a son of William Henry and Elizabeth (Altmann) Williams.
He married Mary Ellen Vanderford. (Aunt Ellie) She was step daughter of the Mrs Vanderford who homesteaded on the east half section of our farm. Mrs. Vanderford and her boys (She had lost her husband before she "came" to Cheyenne County. Her grandsn, Charlie Vanderford, married Elsie Krueger (sister of Martha Todd). I remember a Glen Vanderford. Vaguely. Yes, Robert was youngest child of Jonathan Henry and Mary Ellen (Vanderford) Williams. (Uncle Henry and Aunt Ellie) Others were Billy Williams, Ida (Williams) Braaf, Sarah (Williams) Hartje,

Billy Williams lived in Haigler. Was a mail carrier. Married Goldie Fitsimmons. Ida married Dick Braaf, had a son that died young and Doris who was near my age. We wrote letters back and forth but somehow lost track. I think it was about the time we came to Arizona . Sarah Hartje lived near Lincoln. Hope that I got events and peoples sorted out some. love, Mom


Steal a '67 Cougar from Stasser's Garage

Click on ad to see enlarged version.

Friday, March 02, 2007

A Note from Betsy (Van Horn) Zimmerman

Good Evening.

Enjoyed reading about the Reunion. I went to School in Haigler between '57 to '60, but moved away my Senior year. I went to school with Joannie Wheaton and Joan Smith, Carol Wall and Joan Phipps. I saw Joannie Wheaton once or twice since I moved to Steamboat Springs. My Sister Lois Zuege still lives there.

Just want to say Hi to anyone who remember me.

-- Betsy Van Horn Zimmerman

Note from Editor: If you want to contact Betsy, email the editor. We don't post email addresses on the blog unless specifically asked to do so.

Vera Mae Cox

Vera Mae Cox, 84, died (Feb. 28, 2007) at Applewood Living Center in Longmont, Colorado.

She was born Aug. 2, 1922, in Haigler to Sherman D. and Opal R. (Peterson) Phifer. She married Lee Cox on March 16, 1943, in Benkelman.

See full obituary in McCook Gazette

Thursday, March 01, 2007

March 1 SnowStorm

The saying about March weather goes, "In like a Lion and Out like a Lamb." If that is true, the weather at the end of March will be great in Lincoln!

Here's what's going on at my house this morning! This is a picture of the street I would need to get up the hill on, if I were actually going to try it! We have 7" of snow with wind at 30 -40 mph which will go on most of the day. Guess who isn't going to work today?

Here's what it looks like out my back patio door.

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Haiglerites 1 - 69 (Some of these have moved past the 70 mark!)

  • Aaron Irwin - May 7th
  • Bernice (Smith) Douglass - February 15
  • CD Samler - January 19
  • Cal Freehling - November 29
  • Claudine (Wiley) Sterner - June 8, 1940
  • Dan Leinen - September 10
  • Dick Gregory - May 29, 1946
  • Elaine (Adams) Corkle - July 29
  • Eunice (Gregory) Richard - December 14, 1951
  • George Sharp - March 27
  • Glenda Smith - December 31
  • Janice Irwin - December 27th
  • Jerry R. Sampson - August 17
  • Joanie Henderson - January 2
  • Joann (Adams) Webster - March 5
  • Joie Brown - December 4
  • Joyce (Tucker) Lovenburg - Sep. 17
  • Karen (White) Lindell - June 13, 1946
  • Karen Harford - May 20
  • LaVern Smith - January 12
  • LaVeta (Smith) Blecha - January 12
  • LeNeta Carlock - May 7
  • LeeAnn Steinbeck January 30
  • Leone (Gregory) Carlson - January 27, 1943
  • Lloyd Douglass - March 18
  • Marlin Crouse - May 7
  • Mel Fisher - August 8, 1946
  • Paul Freehling - May 23
  • Sally Leinen - March 25
  • Sharna Richardson - January 15, 1959
  • Sherri Gregory - January 20, 1945
  • Stanley Carlock - December 12
  • Tim Steinbeck January 31

GOC Observers

  • Alice Gregory
  • Barbara (Dexter) Platon
  • Claudine (Wiley) Sterner
  • Dallas Adams
  • Dick Gregory
  • Don Harford
  • Evoi (Billy) Clark
  • Gail Harford
  • Gladys Freehling
  • Glen Childers
  • Hazel Daniels
  • Karen Harford
  • Leah (Gregory) Brewer
  • Leone (Gregory) Carlson
  • Lillian Mahon
  • Lillie White
  • Linda (Harford) Jones
  • Lloyd Douglass
  • Melba Harford
  • Myrna Oster
  • Posts about GOC
  • Ray Harford
  • Richard Gregory
  • Sam Clegg
  • Sherri Gregory
  • Veda Douglass
  • Virginia Harford

Flying Haiglerites

Haigler Twins

  • Haigler Twins
  • Laurene Rohn & Larry Crabtree
  • Marilyn and Gerrald Logan
  • Gail & Galena Roach
  • Kyle & Kaleb Greenwood
  • Ryan Jean & Lucas Walker Mildenberger
  • LuAnn Green Wall and LuRue Green Krutsinger
  • Edgar and Edna Williams - b. 1895
  • William & Stanley Palmer
  • Frank & Frances Tiff - (Shauer)
  • Fernando & Mahala Trembly - (McBride)
  • Donna and Dennis Workman
  • Marlene and Darlene Workman
  • Rodney and Ronney Workman
  • Rusty and Randy Flamig
  • Robert and Richard Ambrosek
  • Chase & Seth Barron (Grandsons of Delford Trembly)
  • Robert & Delbert Tucker (Alvie's)
  • Ali and Alvie Tucker
  • Albert and Elva Enfield
  • Natalie and Nicole Harford
  • Sharon & Shirley Williams
  • Lloyd and Floyd Smith
  • Jami and Joni Pevler
  • Stella and Zella (Altman) Wall
  • Janice & Julia Relph
  • Pearline and Pauline Freehling
  • Sharon Ruth and Sheila Louise Rose
  • LaVerne & Laveta Smith
  • LaVoine & LaVonne Smith
  • Elois & Elaine Adams
  • Dorothy & Donnie Brown
  • Carolyn and Marilyn Samson
  • Galena & Gail Collicott
  • Grand-daughters of Rae White
  • John "Keefe" and Kiara Grace Schorzman