Sunday, December 31, 2006

Where is it? What is it?

Can anyone tell me where this church or school is located? It is somewhere west of Haigler before the state line and south of Highway 34. Eunice took this picture several years ago, and I have never personally seen this building.

East 10 Boys - 1955

I found this picture in my mom's picture box. It was taken on the last day of school in May 1955.
From left to right: Alan Zuege, Albert Zuege, Johnny Terry, Alfred Zuege. Kneeling: Dick Gregory and Calvin Zuege.

East 10 Girls - 1955

Here are the girls. Taken on last day of school May 1955.

Left to right: Back - Sherri Gregory, Leone Gregory,
Front - Sherri Faylor, Bonnie Zuege

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sad News

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Marlin Stute today with the news that he passed away.

Funeral was friday Dec. 29th at 2PM at the Methodist Church in Wray.

The Blame Game

There were four people named Anybody, Everybody, Nobody and Somebody.

Everybody thought Nobody could do the Somebody job. Nobody would do the Anybody job. Anybody said Everybody could do the Nobody job. Somebody got angry at Everybody for the Nobody job. Nobody said he could do the important job for Everybody. Not Everybody agreed with Somebody, Nobody and Anybody, so there goes the blame for Everybody.

Monday I am Somebody, Tuesday I am Nobody, Wednesday I am Everybody, and by Friday I am Somebody.

Author Unknown
-- Submitted by Dallas Adams

The Whole Nine Yards!

When you get the whole nine yards, what are you getting?
When you get all the bells and whistles, what are you getting?
When you get the whole ball of wax, what are you getting?

The guiding principal, I guess, would be Redi-Mix concrete for the whole nine yards - or a load of beauty bark??

All the bells and whistles - I think would be a new car or truck?
I'm not sure what you get when you get the whole ball of wax, probably depends on the subject matter of what you are getting??

-- Submitted by Dallas Adams

Snow in Nebraska

Saturday Morning: December 30

We measure at 8" of new wet heavy snow. They are predicating 5 to 8 more inches of snow here today with winds that will gust over 40 MPH.--CF

Saturday Afternoon: December 30

I am a crazy old man. We have lots of snow. I got stuck in a pickup this AM, also got a tractor stuck. I went and plowed out a neighbor's road, his wife has to go to work tomorrow. And the hell of it is, in reality I didn't have to set foot outside the house today.
More evidence for when Susan locks me away.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Nebraska State Gazetteer,
Business Directory and Farmers List
for 1890-1891
Business (town) listings

page 210

Haigler is situated on the main line of the B. & M. R. R. in the southwestern part of Dundy county and is in the extreme southwestern part of the state. It is beautifically located on the Republican river, 21 miles west of Benkelman, the county seat. Its trade facilties are well supplied and support in this line is received frm the surrounding country within a radius of 50 miles. The prosperity of the surrounding country has been greatly augmented by the building of an irrigation ditch 13 miles in length and the projection of still another. Among the improvements of Haigler are a $4,000 schoolhouse, several brick stores, a fine two story city hall and two church edifices. There are two hotels affording ample accomodations. Religious denominations are Methodist and Presbyterian. Population 300.

Allen N J, insurance.
Butterfield O E, atty.
Collender J M, phys, sta agt.
Commercial Hotel, Wm Way prop.
Dawson A J, harnessmaker.
Donahue W F, drugs, jewelery.
Dunlap H W, atty, justice
Dunlap & Larned, real estate.
Empire Loan & Trust Co, capital $25,000, H W Dunlap pres, H W Larned treas, investment bankers.
Frearn Elon, barber.
Ferrin James, meat market, blacksmith.
Gardner L R, jeweler.
Gist Geo R, livery.
Howard Lumber Co, lumber.
Larned Wm H, treas Empire Loan & Trust Co.
Lorraway H W & Co, genl mdse.
McPherson & Son, hardware, furniture.
Porter John R & Son, genrl mdse, live stock, grain.
Powell H H, saloon.
Sullivan W H prop Windsor House.
Way Wm, prop Commercial Hotel.
Welch A C, postmaster.
West L L, livery.
Windsor House, W H Sullivan prop.

--Nebraska State Gazetteer,Business Directory and Farmers List for 1890-1891, p210

Thursday, December 28, 2006

OLD Pictures

Have you ever sat down with your parents or grandparents and looked through their pictures?

I've been doing that with my mom and sisters this week and have seen pictures of my ancestors and even myself that I didn't know existed. Many of the pictures don't have names on the back so Mom and I have spent the last few days writing on hers.

Next time you visit your parents or grandparents ask them to go through the pictures with you and tell you the stories behind them. You will be amazed at what they remember!! and how many interesting stories you will hear.

-- Sherri

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The River Two Views

January Birthdays

Do you have a January Birthday? Let us know, or just go add it to the calendar. Anyone can add an event to the calendar (just needs to be pertinent to Haiglerites).

Watch the calendar for birthdays and events.

Ice Skating at the Huey Ranch

While looking through Eunice's picture box this week, I came across some pictures of people skating on the pond up at the Huey Ranch where Pat and Catherine Smith used to live. I remember being there for some of the skating parties Don and Mary used to invite us to back in the 1950s and 1960s. We had a great time skating and enjoying "wieney" & marshmellow roasts.
I'm sharing the pictures, but can't quite identify skaters. I think the man on the very left of the above picture is my dad, Richard Gregory.


I am so excited, I can't wait 364 days for the next Santa Claus to appear. Not believing in Santa is like the ending of Christmas. When you stop believing and Santa does not appear, no matter your age, is like the 8 year old asking if there is a realy Santa Claus -- means he quits coming -- means there is no Santa or Christmas.

The diatribe at Denver Internation Airport would make me think that Santa is mean, bitter obtrusive, denunciation type of Santa. Not letting people travel to destinations for days of being stranded in lots of snow. No arrivals for family functions or being late for Christmas. YAHAAAaaaah!!! Is not really Santas fault, but I'll bet there were some short tempers (*&$%^#&) This not my kind of Santa that I believe in.

2006 was a good year for the wife and me, except for the things that are a daily part of life that go unexpected, but accepted. I am now looking for 2007 Christmas, as every day should be. The festival joys in the birth of Christ.

-- Submitted by Dallas Adams

Monday, December 25, 2006


Have you heard of GeoCaching? It is a super fun Treasure Hunt type sport/activity/game.

All over the world people have hidden "caches" that contain anything from just a piece of paper to log your name to elaborate containers with "treasures" to trade. Each cache is logged on a website ( where you can look up the GPS co-ordinates and clues for finding the cache. In order to participate, you need to register on this FREE website.

There are 25 caches within 50 miles of Haigler. Some of their names are: Three Corners Virtual Cache, Arikaree, Devil's Gap, Custer Slept here, Life's a Beecher Then You're Massacred, and many more.

Here is a picture of ME finding a couple of caches in the Tucson area.

The name of the first one is "Sticky Fingers after the Suguaros" and the second picture is of "Lard Wood" (This one is in a park named Greasewood Park)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Dinner with Family

Merry Christmas everyone!

Its almost 9:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve here... the little kids have opened their presents and some families are off to a second location to spend time with IN-laws. (or are we the In-laws). At any rate, there is a football game on in the livingroom, the turkey is in the kitchen sink thawing in cool water, the turkey roaster is out and ready for the early morning start time. The celery and onions are chopped. Now just have to peel potatoes and mix up the Mary Smith rolls to pop in the oven so they are done just right. That's what is going on at Leah's house tonight.

We took Mamma for a ride around the neighborhood to see the lights, then she went home to peel sweet potatoes for her special candied dish and to bake a couple of pies. One of us will go help her sweep the patio and put the table clothes on the tables in the morning before people begin arriving.

The cranberry salad was made today and is waiting in Mamma's refrigerator. The green bean casserole will be popped in her oven a little while before serving time. Lisa's specialty corn dish will arrive hot from her house and the mashed potatoes and gravy will be whipped up at the last moment.

Leone and her family will bring food, Brenda will bring deserts and more good food, Eunice will bring something scrumptious. We will have at least 23 relatives for dinner. There will be more food than we will be able to eat. Mamma has probably invited her neighbors who don't have family nearby and someone invarably brings along a friend or two.

After lunch some of us will go hunting for a geocache or two; Some will sit around and visit and some will go down to the basketball court and play a game or two. Some might even venture into the pool if it gets warm enough. The weather report says it will be in the upper 60s so we should have a nice sun-shiney Christmas Day here.

I know some of you are having a White Christmas because I have talked to people around the country today. I heard from Karen Lindell this morning and she says her family won't be making it for Christmas because they have 3-4 FEET of snow in Brush, Colorado. I know there is at least a foot around Haigler and Benkelman. North Platte got an ice storm that broke trees and Lincoln is cool and partly cloudy.

I hope whatever your weather and circumstances you have a wonderful day!

-- Sherri

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Let it SNOW!!

This picture of Snow in Haigler was taken today by Floy Ruggles in their yard. I am so glad to be in Tucson this week!! I traveled via Wichita, KS / Oklahoma City, OK / Amarillo, TX / Roswell, NM, / Las Cruses, NM / Tucson, AZ, therefore avoiding the ice and snow storms that ended up coming in after I left Nebraska.

Received this note from Floy today:

We finally got some snow 8 inches or more. Ray has been shoveling snow practically all day. First the driveway so we could get out of the yard. This afternoon he made paths to places we need to get to like the trash barrel and garbage hole. Garry and Sharon are not coming for Christmas as planned.

Get Well Wishes for Dick Wall

Dick Wall fell and fractured a leg and knee. He was operated on in Greeley and has now been moved to The HillCrest Nursing Home in Wray, Colorado.

Cards and letters can reach him at:

Dick Wall
HillCrest Nursing Home
Wray, Colorado 80758

-- Submitted by Calvin Freehling

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I related to that movie like you could not believe! I thought it was about one of my many journeys back and fro to Haigler. Seems as if I were reliving some many haunted pasts of traveling.

I think It was in Vegas when we were boarding the aircraft - the door latch mechanism was so obvious, I said to Judy, "That looks like the latch on our Chrysler mini-van that is on recall status." The reaction from the pilot in the seat swung 180 degrees to focus on me. Eyes like a rattlesnake and I looked right back at him for about 15 seconds. Not a word was said, but I think he wanted me to walk back home. His uniform cap slightly twisted - his Captain lapel bars were kinda at an angle - his necktie was kinda scrunched and he looked to be without words. He did not get out of the pilots chair, but he sent a visual message.

Now if that had been these days of Homeland Security, he probably would not have let me board the airplane, so that was an "oops" on my part - not knowing somebody else was listening.

That movie was a good one for people that have traveled alot and know of the experiences they have encountered when dealing with other people.

It's okay to fly, just watch what you say!!??

-- submitted by Dallas Adams

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Thank You Card from Dottie Timmer

I received this nice card from Dottie Timmer, the lady who brought Naomi Over to Haigler early in November to find her father's newspaper office.

This thank you includes Violet Relph and Floy Ruggles.

The packet of information she mentions is a copy of the little movie of their visit and a copy of the page from the 1976 Haigler book showing the newspaper office with her father's name mentioned. (Z. H. Baxter).

Note from Editor

I want to personally wish you all a Very Merry Christmas. I hope you can spend some wonderful time with your families and enjoy the season.

I will be traveling to Arizona to visit with my mother, Alice Gregory and sisters Leah, Leone and Eunice and all the nieces and nephews that live there.

For the next couple of weeks I will be writing blog stories and entries from my lounge chair in the sun!!

Continue to send items as usual because I can get email from anywhere I can get to a computer.

Again, Have a wonderful holiday!


Who is Pookie?

Pookie is a well defined gentleman. He is employed by the hospital to do janitorial/ custodial work on all wards. He is described as a hard worker and appreciated by the hospital staff. When you see him, you will know him by description. He wears red tennis shoes, high water tower orange jeans, a lime green sleeveless shirt, and has bright red spiked hair, thick glasses and middle aged.

The hospital was having a series of unexplained deaths at a certain time of day that just had everybody confused -- unexplainable to those in charge of the life support rooms as to why it was happening!!

It came to light when Pookie entered the ICU and CCU units to do his duties of maintenance in patients rooms. He had his floor buffer and commercial vacuum cleaner with him. He walks over to the patients bedside, unplugs both plugs going to the patient's bed, plugs in his vacuum and works for five minutes. He then plugs in the floor buffer for five more minutes of work, unplugs both machines and plugs the life support units back into place and leaves the room.

The hospital experienced another trauma of sudden death when the alarms were going off in the nurses station of the room Pookie had just left. The monitors were straight line on all monitor scopes. Agast, they saw Pookie just leave the room. They brought him back to question what he did in the patient's room where the patient had just deseased. The hospital staff was totally flabergasted by this incident and how it could have even happened.

Pookie may even have a twin brother doing the same job description, so when you are sedated and resting in a hospital recovery room, you may have to keep an eye open and check for Pookie. He is still out there! AAAUUUGGGHHHG!!!!!


Monday, December 18, 2006

To Dallas

It surely is good to have you back on the blog. You had us concerned for a while. I talked to your sister this morning. She had just called you to see if you were okay - not buried in a 20 foot snowbank or anything like that. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your creative writing. You don't know me. I guess we have never met personally, but maybe we will sometime. Anyway I am learning a little bit about what you are like from your writings. Keep it up. You along with all the others, are a big asset to the blog.

The newspaper lady - Sherri's aunt Floy Ruggles

Kit and Kaboodle

Remember the terms: "Kit and Kaboodle" - kinda goes with "Lock, Stock and Barrel". Maybe some historian can give a Webster definition of these words and the time of the century they were used. I haven't heard these terms in a long time, as they may have just phased out.

Remember the Rumble seat?? Sounds like a "donny brook" somewhere, or a "fist a cuff" out in the street, or a "rumble from some rowdys" out in the crowd. Actually, I remember the rumble seat as a back seat in the trunk area that exposed when the seat was opened up -- convertible type on the roadsters. Yep!!!

Remember the Three Ring Circus? With the center ring being the main attraction? Oh Yes!!! Sometimes I felt I was there. HHHAAAUUGGGHHHHHHH!! Gotcha!

Days have gone by and times have changed indeed. Now they want to know how much stock you own -- how much money you have in the bank -- do you drive a lexus or mercedes?? WHO CARES???? I just love my friends for who they are and have a special place for simple down to earth people like Haiglerites. Oh Yes!! I know my roots. And I can tell within a few seconds who I choose as a friend, the genuine or the bad actor, as the sixth sense kicks in and lets you know who is who to accept or define. A gift of natural ability indeed that I seem to posess.

So I'm back to my "Kit and Kaboodle" theory of the hobo with a stick over the shoulder with all my worldly posessions tied in a knot from a bandana as I walk down the road to Haigler. -- A place to find Peace, as so many before me found as they chartered to Homestead in the Dundy County area of the late 1800s early 1900s to find home.

I hope I have my Kit and Kaboodle in order.

-- Submitted by Dallas Adams

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Merry Christmas

from the Haigler Blog.

Many of you will be traveling during the next week to spend time with your families. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and safe travels.

While you are with your families, ask questions to your parents or grandparents, aunts, uncles - anyone who has memories of growing up in Haigler. You will be surprised about the stories you will hear that you have never heard before!!

If you ARE the grandparent, or older aunt and uncle, take copies of your old pictures with you to give out and sit down with the children and grandchildren and tell them stories about your childhood. I have found that my grandchildren LOVE to hear about the "Olden Days".

The best Christmas present anyone can get is TIME with someone they love!

GO - create a memory!

-- Sherri

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Update on Dallas

December 15, 2006, 9:47 PM

The anesthesiologist called this morning and is researching this phenomonon that I had. It is possible that this episode may reach the medical books. He talked with many doctors and one said that as the diaphram relaxes, the liver stretches and pushes up on the diaphram causing the uncomfortable pain. (Supposidly this is what was happening to me.)

The surgeon visited last nite in the ER and again the following morning, as he had never had any experience with what I had. I have never seen so many doctors in my life! I feel like I was in a medical school hospital with all the questions that came at me.

They are sure showing an interest in what went wrong!!??

-- Dallas

Friday, December 15, 2006

Thanks from Naomi

Remember the ladies, Naomi Over and Dollie Timmer, who visited Haigler back in November? Naomi was looking for the location of the newspaper office or building?

I got a very nice card from Naomi this week thanking the ladies who helped her.

She is interested in buying the Haigler books. Particularly the 1976 one that has the picture and story about the Newspaper men, including her father's name.

If anyone has an extra 1976 Haigler Book or 1986 Centenniel Haigler Book that you would like to sell, please let me know.

Here is Naomi Over's card: She says to say hello to "the girls" - Violett Relph and Floy Ruggles.

Aborted Shoulder Surgery

To My Dear Friends on the Blog Site:

On Wednesday at the Day Surgery Clinic, I had a big reaction to the anesthesia injection, a shot that was injected into the neck to deaden the pain for the shoulder in preparation for pre-surgery (The Block).

My diaphragm went into spasms, making it very difficult to breath with accompanying pain in the mid-section.

911 was called and I was taken a short distance to the Everett Providence Hospital Emergency Room. When the ER doctors were trying to unscramble or diagnose the problem --- I had kidney failure - Pneumonia - Pleurisy -- as (STAT) was flying all over the place with doctors scrambling to diagnose the problem.

I have a lot of confidence in these doctors, as they had not seen this type of reaction, nor were they familiar with any text-book examples I displayed. X-rays were taken. They were at a general loss as to why this happened. I was kept over-night in the Telemetry Ward for any more displays of heart, lungs, kidney symptoms of failure, etc.

As the anesthesia block wore off (15 hours later), all my body functions returned to normal. I was discharged and sent home. All tests showed a false positive in the diagnosis prossess, which leads back to the injection process??? (The HIPAA Law). I am aware of its existence, but have never felt that I have anything to hide medically.

I'm just glad to be back to normal and will re-schedule sometime after the holidays are over.

To all - Have a Merry Christmas and Prosperous Year coming in.

-- From the Officious - Dallas Adams

More Twins

Albert and Elva Enfield. They attended school at District 76. They also attended school in Haigler schools.

-- Don Smith

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Happy Birthday, Eunice Richard

Happy Birthday, Eunice, I can only say two words (Par-Tee Time!)

Have a good one!

--Dallas Adams

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Do you Remember Highway 71 or 3?

Does anyone remember this marker??

Old N-71

Alignment: Haigler to Kansas border

History and Notes: This short road, connecting Haigler with the Kansas border a mile or so away, was unmarked for a long time, but is now a short segment of N-27. The N-71 designation was in place from around 1933 until at least 1955.

How about this one?

Old N-3
Colorado border west of Haigler to Iowa border near Brownville

History and Notes: N-3 was an early designation of US-34 (Colorado border to Edison) and US-136 (Edison to Missouri border), and was numbered as such beginning in 1926. Prior to this, in 1922, the Colorado to Culbertson segment was N-70 (aka "Burlington Hwy"), and the Culbertson to Oxford segment was N-67 ("Omaha-Lincoln-Denver Hwy"). The Colorado to Edison segment became US-34 in 1939, and the balance of the route was renumbered US-136 in 1960.

Of course we all recognize this one:


Grant Hwy
Grant Highway


Segment 1: South Dakota border (SD-391) north of Gordon to Ellsworth (N-2)
Segment 2: Oshkosh (US-26) to I-80 east of Chappell
Segment 3: Haigler (US-34) to Kansas border (K-27) south of Haigler


Segment 1: 68.72 miles.
Segment 2: 27.11 miles.
Segment 3: 0.78 mile.

Intersecting Interstates: I-80 at exit 95

Multiplexing: 2 mile shared segment with US-30 east of Chappell

History and Notes: Alignment 1 was part of the Grant Highway from the early 1920's. In the numbering system in use in the mid 1920's, this was N-1C, then renamed as N-27 in 1926.

Maps from the 1930's show an additional segment, between N-2 and US-26. However, a 1940 map showed much of this as "proposed" (previously consisting of a dirt road). By 1947, this was not indicated as being numbered north of Oshkosh, although the the segment between US-20 and N-2 was numbered as extension took place. The full numbering between US-20 and N-2 was complete by 1955.

N-27 previously extended to the Colorado border. This was aligned along US-30 from Chappell 7 miles eastward (the current N-27 terminus), and along current US-385 from Chappell southward. This was truncated to its current position with the implementation of US-385 in 1958.

Another route with sparse towns along the way (only two over the course of the split segments). The town-less stretch between Gordon and Ellsworth spans 55 miles.

Robert Hanolen was kind enough to tip me off to a third segment of N-27, which extends only about 1/2 mile south of Haigler and meets up with Kansas route 27. It is unknown how long this has been marked as such, but it appears to be a fairly recent occurrence (circa 2001 or earlier). In the past, this route had been marked as N-71 through at least 1955.

Attractions Along the Way: Mari Sandoz State Historical Marker (approximately 30 miles north of Ellsworth)

And then there is Highway 34:


Omaha-Lincoln-Denver Hwy
Omaha- Lincoln- Denver Highway

Alignment: Colorado border (US-34) northwest of Haigler to Iowa border (US-34) at Plattsmouth

Distance: 383.12 miles

Intersecting Interstates: I-80 south of Grand Island and at Lincoln; I-180 at Lincoln

Freeway Segments: 4 miles in Lincoln (co-sign with I-180)

NHS: Grand Island to Hastings

Multiplexing: Shared alignment with N-61 around Benkelman (3 miles); US-6 from Culbertson to Hastings (140.31 miles); with US-83 through McCook; with N-44 for 2 miles either side of Axtell; with US-281 from Grand Island to Hastings (22 miles); with N-2 for 6.7 miles from Grand Island east; with US-81 for 1 mile north of York; with I-180 through Lincoln (3.47 miles); with US-75 from Plattsmouth to Union (13 miles)

Multi-Lane Segments: Hastings to Grand Island; northwest and east side of Lincoln

History and Notes: US-34 was extended west from Iowa to Grand Island in 1936, along the N-11 alignment. It was further extended in 1939, into Colorado, using N-3.

Toll bridge at the Iowa border.

Attractions Along the Way: Massacre Canyon Monument (east of Trenton)

Highway 38??? Never heard of it!!

Old US-38

Alignment: Colorado border west of Haigler to Omaha

History and Notes: Original 1926 route, decommissioned in 1932 and turned into part of US-6.

--Reference: Nebraska Highways

Surgery - Good Wishes

Prayers are with you, Dallas, as you go into shoulder surgery! Wish you the best and let us know how you are!

Monday, December 11, 2006

History of an Intersection - Porter Avenue and Railroad Street

Compare this early picture that Cal Freehling sent a few days ago with some other pictures of the same location. Notice the location and size of the trees. I think the tree in front of "Jake's Place" is still there. (the second tree on the right side of the street)

Here is a view of Porter Avenue looking south. Notice that the Porter store now says Haigler EQ on the side...
and here is the same location in 1925 during the Haigler Fair Parade.
Here's a picture of the front of the Haigler Equity Exch. building taken some time before 1971.This picture of the same location taken in the 1970s after the new office building was built. (The tree in front of this building is now gone)
This picture is taken from the the north side of the equity building .Here is a picture of the Co-Op in the same location as the Porter Store and the Haigler Equity building as it looks in November 2006.
Just south of the Equity building is the locker plant. This picture is of the south side of the building on Newark Street and Porter Avenue.
Here is the east view, on Porter Avenue, of the locker building taken in November 2006.
and here is the south side of the locker plant as it looks in November 2006, taken from Newark Street.Facing the Porter store/Equity building was this building that housed the Wood-Found Lumber Co. office taken some time after the "new" elevator was built.
Here's a later view of the "new" elevator with the additional storage on the east and the large quansut building. (notice that the storage silos are not in the arial picture shown below)
East view - taken November 2006.

Here's an arial view of the Porter Ave. / Railroad street intersection taken sometime after demolition of the Haigler depot.
The old elevator building was still standing in the above arial picture. Here is a picture taken of the south side view of the old elevator which was between Railroad street and the tracks just north of the Porter store /Equity office building.

Then there was the Haigler Depot located just north of the "new" elevator.
Jake's Place Corner of Porter Avenue and Newark Street.
Could this tree in front of Jake's Place be one of the oldest trees in town?
If you have pictures of "downtown" Haigler or any Haigler event, we would love to include them for other "Haiglerites" to enjoy. (Current events and pictures are welcome)

If you need help in getting a picture scanned or uploaded, please contact me or Floy and we will do what we can to help you.

-- pictures from 1976 Haigler Book, 1986 Haigler Centenniel Book, Cal Freehling, Sherri Gregory, Alice Gregory.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Flying Ranchers (Flying Haiglerites)

Notice the new list on the right sidebar that lists the Flying Ranchers (or Flying Haiglerites).

Some of the early fliers were George Zuege and Andrew Ainsley.
First airplane owned by George Zuege and Andrew Ainsley
--1976 Haigler Book pg. 112

Porter Street in the Early Days

Looking from the railroad tracks south up main street. You can see the Butterfield (Sackett) House on the south hill. The first building on the right is Porter's General Store.
(Click on the picture to see it enlarged)

--Cal Freehling

One Cent Post Card

A one cent post card, front and back, from Roach Bros. (Charley and his brother Bill).
By doing some research, I found that the Roach Bros consisted of Charley and his brother William (Bill). They purchased the well and implement business from J.C. McPherson in 1906. They ran it jointly until 1920 when Charley bought Bill out.

-- Calvin Freehling

Haigler Ranch - 1917

Haigler Ranch Today

Today, the Haigler Ranch is owned and operated by Dennis and Marlene Noffsinger. One of the things they specialize in is beautiful Paint Horses.

Visit their website to see pictures and pedigrees of their horses
Paint Horses
Marlene and Dennis Noffsinger
Route 1, Box 24
Haigler, Nebraska 69030
(308) 297-3218

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Flying Haiglerites

Haigler Twins

  • Haigler Twins
  • Laurene Rohn & Larry Crabtree
  • Marilyn and Gerrald Logan
  • Gail & Galena Roach
  • Kyle & Kaleb Greenwood
  • Ryan Jean & Lucas Walker Mildenberger
  • LuAnn Green Wall and LuRue Green Krutsinger
  • Edgar and Edna Williams - b. 1895
  • William & Stanley Palmer
  • Frank & Frances Tiff - (Shauer)
  • Fernando & Mahala Trembly - (McBride)
  • Donna and Dennis Workman
  • Marlene and Darlene Workman
  • Rodney and Ronney Workman
  • Rusty and Randy Flamig
  • Robert and Richard Ambrosek
  • Chase & Seth Barron (Grandsons of Delford Trembly)
  • Robert & Delbert Tucker (Alvie's)
  • Ali and Alvie Tucker
  • Albert and Elva Enfield
  • Natalie and Nicole Harford
  • Sharon & Shirley Williams
  • Lloyd and Floyd Smith
  • Jami and Joni Pevler
  • Stella and Zella (Altman) Wall
  • Janice & Julia Relph
  • Pearline and Pauline Freehling
  • Sharon Ruth and Sheila Louise Rose
  • LaVerne & Laveta Smith
  • LaVoine & LaVonne Smith
  • Elois & Elaine Adams
  • Dorothy & Donnie Brown
  • Carolyn and Marilyn Samson
  • Galena & Gail Collicott
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  • John "Keefe" and Kiara Grace Schorzman