Monday, July 26, 2010

Haigler Happenings - July 26, 2010

Guests of Stan and LaNeta Carlock on Saturday were Skip and Melissa Mulligan and children, Alayna and Chaz, from Charleston, South Carolina.  Skip is a nephew of teh Carlocks. Everyone enjoyed visiting over brunch and then spent the afternoon looking at genealogy research, petting kitties, touring the white house, spending time in the gardens, and seeing the Country Schoolhouse 67 South progress.
Gracie and Sydney Wall of North Carolina, daughters of the late Dusty wall, and a friend flew to Cheyenne on July 21.  Their grandparents, Duane and LuAnn met them and brought them to Yuma and Wray where they met relatives and friends.  On Friday they came to the former Wall farm near Haigler and visisted Laura Pearl Wall.  The family group included Duane and LuAnn, Sydney and Gracie and friend Lisa, heather, Logan and Noel Klein of Yuma, Wendy and Blaine Lee of Thornton. Part of the group took a drive into Kansas and then visited the South 67 school house at the Corner Museum.  Stan and LaNeta Carlock gave them a tour which Gracie and Sydney enjoyed.  Duane and LuAnn and the North Carolina girls drove back to Cheyenne in the late afternoon.
Guests in the Bob and MerryLu Simmons home on July 25 included the Randy and Laurie Perila family, Amber Simmons, Quentin Simmons' family and Laura Pearl Wall.  Tonya gave all the children rides on her horse.  Everyone enjoyed that event.
Skip, Melissa, Alayna and Chaz Mulligan from Mt. Pleasant, SC, arrived in Denver by Delta Airlines on Monday, July 19th, where they were met by Charlie Mulligan.  The group then journeyed on to Estes Park, CO, where they met Myrna Mulligan and LaNeta Carlock at the Rams Horn Resort.  Several days of sightseeing and family time were enjoyed there, including picnics in the Rocky Mountain National Park, a trip over Trail Ridge Road, an evening at Fun City, and several trips to places that had been enjoyed by the Collicott family when LaNeta and Myrna were growing up.  The group returned to Haigler on Thursday evening.  On Friday, the "Three Sisters" and Melissa treated themselves to a pedicure party while Charlie, Skip, Alayna and Chaz took in the events at Wray Daze.

Charlie and Myrna Mulligan hosted a pizza supper and a card game of PIT on Saturday evening, July 24th, in their home. Guests were Skip, Melissa, Alayna and Chaz Mulligan from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, and Grace Adams from Haigler. LaNeta Carlock stopped in later that evening for a short visit.

Events - Dundy County Fair

Next event is the rodeo Wednesday July 28, 2010. 

CWF Labor auction in the Andy Anderson structure @ 6:00  MST
Mutton Bustin starts at 6:30 MST and the
Rodeo starts at 7:30 MST 

Monday, July 19, 2010

Haigler Happenings - July 19, 2010

On June 3rd, Veda Douglass went to Denver International Airport and flew to Atlanta where her niece and husband met her.  On the 5th, they left for the Northeast.  Their RV took them to New Jersey where they could see Miss Liberty across the way.  They visited the Empire State Building and ground zero.  Harold bought jewelry at Macy's where the movie, Miracle on 34th Street, was made. They went, then, to Niagara Falls, then to Washington D.C. then returned to Atlanta and dropped off the RV.  There were 7 people riding together in the RV.  Carol and Veda then took off for the Midwest.  They went to Louisiana, visited the swamp and saw alligators, frogs, lily pads and beautiful sunsets. Next they went to Arkansas and visited relatives there, then to Tulsa, OK and had the thrill of sky diving.  They went from there to Oklahoma City and visited a nephew and other relatives and rode the Segway, then to Kansas and visited relatives.  They went to Amarillo, TX to an amphitheater and saw a great show, then to Leota, KS and rode truck, combine and grain truck in wheat harvest.  They came up to Haigler, picked up mail, paid bills then took off to Denver.  There they visited relatives then went to Lincoln, NE.  Harold went on to Atlanta and Veda stayed with Norma in Lincoln.  Veda was gone six weeks, traveled in 16 states and visited 54 relatives.
Picnic dinner guests in the home of Laura Pearl Wall were Sophia Zuege, Dwight wall, Bob and MerryLu Simmons and their grandchildren, Laura, Madison and Spencer Perila of Westminster, Amber Simmons of Loveland, Quentin, Tonya and Taya Simmons.
Visitors that called at Sophia Zuege's home during the week were Viola Wall on Wednesday, Laura Pearl Wall on Friday morning and Brenda Brown on Saturday.
The 3rd annual Tumbleweed Festival is scheduled for Saturday, October 23.  Watch for further announcements, and plan now to attend.
Don & Joann Webster are having a 60th Wedding Anniversary and the family are hosting a celebration on Sunday, August 1, 2010, at 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. in the Legion Hall in Haigler, NE.  Cake and Punch will be served.  They say, Please... No gifts.
Thursday afternoon, Sharon Fisher, of Wray, CO, picked up Floy Fisher and they shopped at a few stores in a couple of towns.  They enjoyed visiting along the way.  Sharon will soon be returning to California for another school year of teaching starting early in August.
Summer continues to reach the 100 degree mark and over.   
Call 308-297-3605, e-mail or drop by 338 Washington Avenue with your news.  Many people, local and former residents enjoy reading it each week. 


Friday, July 16, 2010

Shooting in Haigler - Tomorrow

Shooting sports in Haigler on Saturday! Gonna be hot! Drink lots and lots and lots! FYI - no concessions this year, so pack a lunch or support our local eating establishments! :)

~(Stolen from Jody's FB page)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

60th Wedding Anniversary Open House

The family of Don & Joann Webster are hosting an
Open House to celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary.

August 1, 2010
2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Legion Hall in Haigler, NE
Cake and Punch will be served
Please... No gifts.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Haigler Happenings - July 12, 2010

Brent Wheaton was in Haigler the weekend of the 4th to visit his parents and help them with some projects.  He returned to Kearney after the fireworks display.  To continue the helping trend Jerrie Wheaton went to her mother's in Cope to help her with some projects on Wednesday.

The building at the shooting range is sporting a new coat of paint.  Thanks to those who helped there.  To anyone with an interest in shooting sports, Jim Wheaton has been/will be having practice on Saturday mornings at 8:00 and Wednesday evenings at 6:00 (when possible).  The 4-H competition is July 17.

July 1st, Sherri Morabito and Yvonne Clemans of Burlington, CO, met their parents, Dale and Dode Faylor.  Sherri and Sherri's grandson, Braydon Boyd, drove to Abilene, KS, to the home of Sherri's daughter, Mindee Reynolds.  Sherri's daughter Shauna Boyd, and family arrived at the Reynolds home that day also.  The Boyd's home is Kileen, TX.  They had been visitiing in the home of Yvonne and Royce Clemans for a few days.  Dale and Dode went on to the home of their daughter, Daneen and Phil Hilger who live between Topeka and Lawrence, KS.  Friday, July 2nd, they all attended the wedding of Hilger's son, Josh.  Monday, the 5th, the Faylors picked up their daughter, Sherri and Sherri's granddaughter, Blaike Boyd, in Abilene and returned to their homes - Sherri and Blaine to Burlington and Faylors to the Faylor Ranch.

Jonathan Winter, his wife, Mary, and three children, missionaries to Indonesia, spent several nights at the Dale Faylor home last week end.  Jonathan is a grandson of Harold Robbins of Haigler, NE.

Lois Zuege's daughter, Lori, grandson, Jeremy, and granddaughter Rikki have been with her for a while as well as her son Shorty.  Lori and Jeremy left for home Sunday and Shorty left on Monday after an eventful week-end including their father's graveside service on Saturday and a Vanhorn family reunion on Sunday.  Rikki will continue to stay with her grandmother for a while longer.  Lois deeply appreciates the many friends who have dropped in to visit and to support her in recent days.

Sunday afternoon, the 11,th, Dale and Dode Faylor went to the home of their daughter, Yvonne and Royce Clemans, in Burlington, CO.  They attended the baptismal service of their granson, Lance Clemans, his wife, Stephanie and their son Caden.  The Faylors returned home Monday.

MerryLu Simmons of Beecher Island and her granddaughter, Amber, from Loveland came to Laura Pearl Wall's on Sunday.  They attended church in Haigler with Laura Pearl then visited with her in her home.

Week-end guests in the home of Floy Fisher were Art and Myra Hanson and Myra's mother, Marie Fisher.  Marie has been living in Hamilton, Montana, but had been visiting in her daughter's home in Sparta, Wisconsin.  They all arrived Friday afternoon.  Friday evening they all went to Beecher Island for the first get-together of Fisher/Trembly family reunion and a hamburger fry.  The large group gathered at Beecher Island again on Saturday at noon for potluck dinner.  Besides the Montana/Wisconsin family in attendance, there were folks from Kansas, Arkansas, and various places in Colorado.

On Saturday evening, Walter and Betty Fisher, from Arkansas, Garry and Sharon Fisher and Sharna and Richard Richardson from Wray, CO, joined Art, Myra and Marie in the home of Floy Fisher for supper and visiting.  Art always has his guitar and everyone enjoyed a singing session.  The trio left Monday morning for other points to visit friends and relatives in the front range of Colorado then to Cheyenne and from there to home in Wisconsin.  Marie's son, Merle Fisher, will be moving his mother's belongings from Hamilton, Montana into an assisted living apartment near her daughter, Myra.

For your news items call Floy at 308-297-3605, e-mail, or drop off at 338 Washington Avenue in East Haigler.  Thank you for your response and cooperation.  

Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Fifth Annual Mikey Ride

~Mike Maupin

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Haigler Bluegrass Breakdown - SAVE THE DATE

SAVE THE DATE!!!  Haigler Bluegrass Breakdown, Sunday August 8, 2010.

The Chapman's are returning and The McLemore Family from Colby, Kansas will be here.

~from Jody Crouse on Facebook

Corn Detasseling

My grandson is 13 this summer and has a job that begins next week.  He will be detasseling corn from 5:30am to 3:00 pm with a break for lunch!

This is one job a 13 year old can make some pretty good money doing.  I don't think these jobs were available when I was a kid on the farm and I don't remember even knowing about the process until I lived in the Platte River valley as an adult.  It doesn't appeal to me as a fun way to spend a day!!

Here's hoping he makes it through the first day!!

-- Editor

Paint Our Town

Imagine this building

looking like this:

Have you visited the "Paint Our Town" website?  

The town of Benkelman has a community improvement project that could transform it into a collection of niche shops that would bring customers from far and near to enjoy the 50's ambiance.  They are recruiting investors who might want to locate in a quiet community that is rich in tradition and history.  

Do you know someone who might want to live close to hunting, fishing and "the best of the good life" or have ideas that could fit into this plan?  

If you want to contact them send an email to: 

 -- Editor

Monday, July 05, 2010

Memories of Wheat Harvest

My earliest memory of wheat harvest was riding in the bin of the old Gleaner combine that was pulled around the field by our old “Minnie” tractor with my mother driving.  It took two adults to operate that combine.  Daddy would sit on the “step” to raise and lower the header to the right height to eliminate creating a lot of straw.  ( At least I think that was the reason)…  We kids had to go along because in those days, there wasn’t such a thing as a babysitter.  The family did everything together… even the work.    We rode in the bin atop that old combine until it was full and ready to dump into the truck.  We would have to climb down while this was happening, so we wouldn’t get sucked out through the auger.  Can you imagine letting your kids do this in these days?  Social Services would probably come and get us!!

We had an old Chevy farm truck that doubled as a grain truck and cattle hauling truck.  When not hauling cows, the “stock racks” that were hinged to fold down against the sides of the box were handy to use as a “ladder” to climb in the back of the truck.  We rode back there –us three older girls and my brother – standing up and letting the wind blow in our faces.

Back to harvest:  It was always near the Fourth of July and we would watch the western sky hoping not to see clouds.  There was only a few days’ window to get the job done and the dread of wind, rain and hail was always on our minds.  Nowadays, the wheat doesn’t grow as tall as it used to (or is it because I was shorter?)…  I think the wheat must be hybrid to be shorter so it doesn’t tend to lie down in the wind or rain.

We were always upset when harvest happened on the Fourth of July because that meant we might not get to go to Wray to the fireworks.  They always had the BEST fireworks show.

The other day when I heard the price of wheat, it made me ill!!  How in the world can farmers make it when the price of wheat is the same as it was 50 years ago???  If this happened to any other industry, “they” would not put up with it.  Bread has gone up 100s of times its 1950 price, but the farmer is not the one getting the profit.  There are way too many middle men between the field and the toaster!!

Well, that’s my random thoughts about harvest.  Hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July – our nation’s birthday.  GOD BLESS AMERICA!

-- Editor

Haigler Happenings - July 5, 2010

Haigler was blessed with around an inch and one half of rain over the week-end.   The cooler temperatures were also welcome.  On Sunday evening the fireworks being set off from the ground around town were challenged later by the flashes of lightening and the booming thunder from the sky.
The wheat harvest began for some farmers last week but the week-end rains put a stop to that for a few days.  For them the rain was not especially a blessing in that respect.
Dwight Wall came down from Lewellen, NE to visit his mother, Laura Pearl Wall during the week-end.  They took a long drive on some country roads as far as Chase  County, seeing country they had never seen before.  MerryLu and Bob Simmons stopped by for a few minutes on Sunday then went to Denver to visit their family there.  MerryLu had been over for a visit with her mother on Tuesday.
Lois Zuege's daughter, Lori, and granddaughter, Rikki, from near Nashville, TN are here with Lois.  Her son, known as Shorty, will be coming in a few days.  There will be a graveside service at 11:00 A.M. at the Haigler Cemetery on the 10th of July; which would have been Stan's 90th birthday.
Albert, Jr. and Ginny Zuege visited Sophia during the week-end.  Laura Pearl had dropped by a few times during the week. 
The Faylors have been visiting family in Kansas, returning home on Monday, the 5th.  Others have taken advantage of the long week-end to celebrate with families elsewhere.  More details next week, hopefully.
Sherri, the Haigler Blogger, posted an interesting message from Tom Wall who resides in California.  Those of you who have access to the internet can read it on the Haigler blogspot -  or ask someone to get it for you.  He ends his message with these lines: Please write more in the Haigler Blog, I would like to know what has happened to the folks from the class of 66, 67 & 68, and their families. I have noticed from photo's that many buildings are gone. I'd like to know who is still there and who has moved on. Take care everyone , I'll watch the Blog. Tom Wall.  (Maybe he needs to subscribe to the local paper.)
News items are needed to keep the Haigler Happenings alive.  Call 297-3605, drop off at 338 Wasington Ave or e-mail

Hi From Tom Wall

Hi all y'all,

My brother told me that is the plural of y'all, I haven't been in touch for awhile (family trait) so, I'm letting you know I still think about the time I spent there, and how well I was treated by everyone . Here in California you have to dig a hole in the neighbors yards just to get them to speak to you. It's July 4th and we had a quiet day together, BBQ & hot weather! The city legalized fireworks this year, so we got to watch the show from our yard. What a noisy week this has been. But, Celebrating the birth of this great country is one holiday I really enjoy, I've got a big 13 star flag I fly all week., We haven't outgrown the Constitution or the freedoms we are entitled to by it, Washington has a real manure problem. 

I'm thankful for this blog, it is good to see how things are going there. It seems like you are moving forward, and have new projects going all the time. Is  the Rebel Inn still there? I enjoyed going there. Pop didn't like it, he told me to get my soda's from him for free and stay away from that place. I enjoyed being with him! What was considered taboo there was really old news out here. I didn't tell him, it would burn his ears.

Please write more in the Haigler Blog, I would like to know what has happened to the folks from the class of 66, 67 & 68, and their families. I have noticed from photo's that many buildings are gone. I'd like to know who is still there and who has moved on. 

Take care everyone , I'll watch the Blog. Tom Wall

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