Saturday, June 30, 2007

This Week's News - June 27, 2007

The front page headline this week in The Benkelman Post and News-Chronicle was "People will make it happen, Grand plans for a schoolhouse makeover." This article by Richard Bartholomew of The Benkelman Post, tells about how the idea for moving the District 67 South schoolhouse came about and the plans for its use once its moved. Click HERE to view the article.

On page 6 of the same newspaper were more pictures and a list of donors who have contributed so far to the project.

It looks like the project is progressing as planned and will be a great addition to the Village of Haigler.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sampson Family Reunion

The Sampson family got together for a reunion in The Dalles OR, June 10-12, at Reva "Wolfe" Kneisteadt's home. This is the first time that most of the family has been together in one place for many years. We are the children of Grace, Zella, and Raymond Sampson, who are the children of Thomas and Edna Sampson of Haigler NE.

We had a great time and rehashed Haigler life as it was when we were children. We all agreed that we had a good life growing up in Haigler, though it seems that we all have moved on to other places as we have grown older.
Left to right, top row
Carol "Stute" Hastie, Denise Sampson, Dennis Sampson, Elaine "Stute" Heussman, Patsy Wolfe, Delbert Wolfe, Karen Clouse, "wife of Jerry", and Jerry Sampson.

Front Row Seated
Reva "Wolfe" Kneistead and Ethle "Tiff" Sampson. Ethle is the wife of Raymond Sampson

Missing were Carolyn "Sampson" Ellis, Judy "Stute" Lutticken, Kathy "Stute" Powell, and Lori "Stute" Sadowski

The Sampson's and the Wolfe's all live in Oregon, Elaine in Kansas and Carol in Colorado.

It would be nice if we could do this again before another 30 years passes.

--Submitted by Jerry Sampson

Monday, June 25, 2007

Tom Sharp - Retiring After 30 1/2 Years of Service

TOM SHARP, RURAL ROUTE MAIL CARRIER, IS RETIRING AFTER 30 1/2 YEARS OF SERVICE beginning with St. Francis Route 3 then adding Route 1 out of Haigler 4 years later. He has worked under 6 postmasters in St. Francis and 3 at Haigler, beginning (in Haigler) with Violet Trembly/Relph. Rita Stute assumed the position when Violet retired. Betty Sargent is the current Postmistress.

In the earlier years, Tom's Haigler route took him through the Horse Thief Canyon brakes into Kansas and continued on west to the Devil's Gap canyon road past Rex Daniels. Many times, he said, his track was the only one made through the canyons since the previous day. Each day he drives 122 miles with 150 boxes along the route. Not many of his original patrons are remaining.

Tom grew up in the area and is well acquainted with the people on his route. He has enjoyed serving them and says he is going to miss them.

June 30 will be the last day Tom will be delivering mail. His mailing address is RR 3, Box 150A in case anyone would like to send him a card or note of appreciation.

-- Local News

What's Happening?

Instead of licensing the boat, buying a fishing license, buying fishing poles, bait, etc., I just go the store and buy fish. I then come home and BBQ the fish, get fat and sassy, fall asleep in the recliner in front of the TV. Total Cost: $6.00

The next adventure is a Matinee Movie: $12.00. ($6 apiece). Usually seek out the tyriller type movies. With all the goodies, cost is usually around $20.00.

The next adventure is usually one of the local casinos. After a $20.00 deposit, I leave whether I am winning or loosing. I usually win a dollar or two most times.

We try to go out for dining at least once or twice a week at the local regional eating facilities. Cost can vary where it is a Senior Discount or regular price.

Garage Sales also are an adventure. Buying stuff that I will never use and just lug around. This is also a once or twice a week adventure. Why buy stuff you don't even need? Then It goes to charity sometimes.

Then after all these adventures, I wonder where in the heck did that week go! Or at the end of the month, where did it go??? But life goes on. The big trips are not as frequent as they used to be, but an occasional one comes by.

That's what's happening here in Washington. Don't camp anymore after selling the motorhome.

A Happy Camper -- Dallas Adams

Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's a Dry Heat

Sherri told you how warm it was early this morning here in Tucson. Our official weather today is 110 degrees. We have two thermometers at our place (and I promise they aren't sitting out in the sun) and they both said 112 yesterday. Our humidity is 7%, so "it's a dry heat".

Just thought you'd like to know that.

Had an e-mail from Rus Hoover a couple of days ago with a picture of a snow capped mountain and a beautiful lake. He said it was 62 degrees and was supposed to get up to 80. I know he was trying to make us wish we were somewhere else, and he did that job very well.

That's it for now.
Leah Gregory Brewer

First Day of Summer

I noticed that the temperature of 98 at Haigler was not much cooler than Arizona at 102 yesterday. I guess Summer is really here. It was a cool 89 in Lincoln.

Its interesting to see that the temperatures this morning are very near the same in Lincoln at 70, Haigler at 68 and Tucson at 73.

With all the rain from the last few weeks and this sunshine, the crops that are still standing should be looking really good about now and its time again to get my lawn mower out to trim up the yard.

The first day of the summer season is the day when the Sun is farthest north, known as the Summer Solstice.

Wikipedia Definition

Sunday, June 17, 2007

6th Annual Haigler Bluegrass Breakdown

August 5, 2007
Haigler City Park
12:00 Noon - 6:00 p.m. (MDT)

This year's line up includes The Blue Canyon Boys, McLemore Family and Bluegrass Sheiks.

Bluegrass Music
Home-Cooked Food
and Great Nebraska Fun!

Free-Will donations will be taken. Bring your own lawn chairs and come and have a great time!

Click on the ad to see an enlarged view.

Jody Crouse - 308-297-3613
Deb Stute - 308-423-2880
Carol Peterson - 308-297-3459

Village of Haigler

Village of Haigler

Haigler, Nebr., is home to the first female postmaster in the United States--Mrs. Arabelle Porter. Mrs. Porter was appointed postmaster in 1882. Haigler is also home to the James R. Porter family who developed and financed the Pioneer Irrigation Canal, one of the first irrigation systems completed in Nebraska. Retail electric service is provided to Haigler by Southwest Public Power District.

Fractured Skull

I ran across the following news item from "Stories of Medicine in Athens County, Ohio, a multi-authored anthology compiled and edited by Gary E. Dordingley, M.D., Ph.D.

I am wondering how his skull was fractured?? Was it an unrecorded fight in the street? Was his skull fractured by a Haigler resident? Or did his horse throw him? Has anyone ever heard of this incident? Was it an accident or MURDER?

Robert William Hanson (or Hansen), M.D. (1864?–1907), graduated from Columbus Medical College in 1886. He died with a fractured skull in Haigler, Nebraska, on January 29, 1907, having held medical licenses in Iowa, Indiana, Nebraska and South Dakota.

Community Churches

When visiting the Haigler area at the end of May, Leah and I drove some country roads and took some pictures of some of the country church sites around the northwestern portion of Cheyenne County, Kansas, just south of Haigler and north of St. Francis, Kansas.

It is interesting to note that there were quite afew Lutheran churches built in the area. In some recent reading, I was reminded of the population of Russian German immigrants who homesteaded in this area. When I was growing up, I didn't realize the uniqueness of those immigrants and the fact that it was the only area of the country where they settled. The Lutheran religion was important to them and they brought their beliefs with them. As a result, each small "community" had its own church in the days when traveling more than 10-20 miles was an all day trip.

Here are some pictures I took of some of the cemeteries that are left in the wake of "progress" which caused most these churches to be moved or demolished.

Salem Lutheran Church (still having services every Sunday)

Zion Lutheran Cemetery (Church is gone)

Hope Valley Church and Cemetery

Immanual Lutheran Church and Cemetery

I remember this church the best because we could see it from our house. I missed it being against the skyline after they moved it to the SouthFork Community in 1951. It is now sitting at the museum in St. Francis and is still being used for weddings and other community functions.

Here is a link to an article about the Immanuel Lutheran Church

Hackberry Community Church and Cemetery

This church, cemetery and school site only has the cemetery left, but early in this century, it was an important part of the Hackberry Community. The church held non-denominational type services and after the church was gone people still met in the schoolhouse for church and other community meetings.
The school building from this site was moved in the late 1970's to the Charley Zuege place now owned by Steve and Tammy Workman.

Nebraska State Gazetteer, Business Directory and Farmers List for 1890-1891

Haigler is situated on the main line of the B. & M. R. R. in the southwestern part of Dundy county and is in the extreme southwestern part of the state. It is beautifically located on the Republican river, 21 miles west of Benkelman, the county seat. Its trade facilties are well supplied and support in this line is received frm the surrounding country within a radius of 50 miles. The prosperity of the surrounding country has been greatly augmented by the building of an irrigation ditch 13 miles in length and the projection of still another. Among the improvements of Haigler are a $4,000 schoolhouse, several brick stores, a fine two story city hall and two church edifices. There are two hotels affording ample accomodations. Religious denominations are Methodist and Presbyterian. Population 300.

Allen N J, insurance.
Butterfield O E, atty.
Collender J M, phys, sta agt.
Commercial Hotel, Wm Way prop.
Dawson A J, harnessmaker.
Donahue W F, drugs, jewelery.
Dunlap H W, atty, justice/
Dunlap & Larned, real estate.
Empire Loan & Trust Co, capital $25,000, H W Dunlap pres,
H W Larned, treas, investment bankers.
Frearn Elon, barber.
Ferrin James, meat market, blacksmith.
Gardner L R, jeweler.
Gist Geo R, livery.
Howard Lumber Co, lumber.
Larned Wm H, treas Empire Loan & Trust Co.
Lorraway H W & Co, genl mdse.
McPherson & Son, hardware, furniture.
Porter John R & Son, genrl mdse, live stock, grain.
Powell H H, saloon.
Sullivan W H prop Windsor House.
Way Wm, prop Commercial Hotel.
Welch A C, postmaster.
West L L, livery.
Windsor House, W H Sullivan prop.

~~ NEGenWeb Project Resource Center, On-Line Library

First Motor Car

The first motorized "car" used by sectionmen on the Burlington Railroad was located on the Haigler section out of McCook, Nebraska. Read about it on the "Nebraska Memories" site.
~From the collections of the High Plains Historical Society

Haigler in the McCook Gazette

Haigler made the McCook Gazette on May 29! Gene O. Morris wrote an article "Fun-raiser will help save old school" spreading the news about the move District 67 South to town project.

Click on the article's title to read it online.

Happy Father's Day to all Dads!

Father's Day was first observed on June 19, 1910 in Spokane Washington. Sonora Smart Dodd (Mrs. John B. Dodd) of Washington State proposed the idea in 1909 after she had attended a Mother's Day service.

Mrs. Dodd wanted to honor her own father. William Smart, who had been a Civil War veteran, who raised six children after his wife died in childbirth.

President Calvin Coolidge supported the idea of a national Father's Day in 1924. It
took until 1966 when President Lyndon Johnson declared the 3rd Sunday of June Father's Day officially in the United States of America, but this was only for one year. On April 24, 1972, Father's Day was assured annual recognition by Presidential Proclamation.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Western Nebraska has had more rain than it needs this spring. Click on this picture to go see more "flood" pictures in Chase County. This picture is of Highway 6 west of Imperial.
-- Link submitted by Cal Freehling

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


There was a grand old man from up north of Haigler who drove a Whippet car. This was before electric starters and the automobile had to be hand cranked. (To protect people's identy, names cannot be mentioned in this article.)

The car was parked on Main Street in Haigler and would not start when he cranked it. The owner's temper drew a little short and he used the crank to break the headlights and windshield.

The car's name should have been changed from Whippet to "BEAT-IT", or more appropriately, words from the English language should be deleted and not spoken within earshot of the Haigler marketplace!! Oh, my Goodness!! There are things that should not be said while in public!! AAUUGGGHHHHHH!!!!

-- Submitted by Dallas Adams

Click here to read an article about the Whippet Car

Sunday, June 10, 2007



Well, they did it! What some people won't do to raise money for the Save School 67 South Project. As was noted in last week's news, the three Collicott sisters (LaNeta Carlock, Myrna Mulligan and Galena Webster) almost made their bail after the alumni weekend. However, some pledges were withheld until they returned to jail for a full night. So, Sunday, June 3, Red Willow County Sheriff Gene Mahon, a lawman with Haigler roots, returned to his hometown to re-arrest the 3 ladies. As a crowd gathered to watch, the ladies were delivered to the scene. Sheriff Mahon handed out jail uniforms, and handcuffed the three. Laura Pearl Wall frisked the ladies before they were escorted into the jail. This was for real, and the gals spent the entire night inside the jail. The jail had not been used since 1940. There was barely enough room for 3 cots and bedrolls; a candle burned; food was delivered so they wouldn't go hungry; and visitors came and went throughout the night( including several cats and a snake).

But, the gals survived the night (without any sleep), and they did make their bail of $3,000. In fact, they made $3,160. So, they were treated to breakfast by the Haigler Cafe the next morning. When asked, how was the night in jail? -they all said, "One night was enough!"

The money raised is a good start for the project. But your help is still needed. The cost estimate for preservation and restoration is $25,000 plus the moving cost of the school from country to Haigler. All donations are tax deductible and are going through the Dundy County Community Foundation.

If you have not yet contributed and wish to be included in the donors listing, which will be posted inside the schoolhouse, please make your donation payable to and send to: Save School 67 South Project, PO Box 144, Haigler, NE 69030.


Moving Cafe to Main Building and Making Improvements

Mrs. Mex Wagle arrived in Haigler Friday of last week and has assumed charge of the Wagle Tavern. E. G. Leaf who has had charge of the hotel and café under lease for the past four months departed Saturday with his family for Denver, where it is reported that he has employment with a new chain grocery store system.

The hotel is undergoing some extensive changes and improvements. The partition between the dining room and the room to the rear has been torn out and the café will be moved into this part of the building so that it will be in the same room with dining room. The lobby of the hotel will remain as it is, but with the cigar and candy case arranged across the south side. Large windows will be placed in the west front of the main building. The room where the café is now located will be for rent. A new floor is being laid in the dining room and other improvements are being made while the change is in progress. Good progress was made in the work this week and it is probable that the change will be completed in a few days.

The change and improvements in the building will be a decided advantage both as to appearance and the service of this popular eating place. The Wagles have always enjoyed a good business in Haigler and the immediate steps they have taken upon taking possession of the Tavern again is in keeping with their policy of rendering good service.

Mrs. Wagle reports that they have had a fairly good season with their Golden Eagle show this year. Mr. Wagle was in Venango with the shows the latter part of last week and has been at Madrid this week. He is expected to spend the week-end in Haigler, and will close the season in two or three weeks and return to Haigler for the winter.

----The Haigler News, Haigler Nebraska, Friday, September 24, 1926



Frightened Away With Small Loot. Entered through Back Door


The Chas. Schmutte restaurant was broken into Monday night or early Tuesday morning and merchandise to the value of eight or ten dollars was taken, uncluding about two dollars in pennies. Entrance was gained by removing the glass from the back door, then reaching in and unlocking the door.

The merchandise taken included four or five cartons of cigerets and half a dozen cigarette holders. These articles are known to have been taken and it is possible that a few other things may have been stolen, but the stock was displayed in such a manner that Mr. Schmutte could not be certain. Evidence indicates that the robbery was the work of an amateur or that the thief was frightened away. A large amount of much more valuable merchandise could as easily have been carried away. Severl boxes of ten-cent cigars were not touched. A box or two or a can of cheaper cigars may have been taken without the loss being discovered. There were about 35 or 40 carsons of cigarets in sight, and also about fifty pounds of chewing tobacco and a large stock of smoking tobacco that was not molested.

The thief could have carried off $100 worth of merchandise as easily as the amount that was taken.

Two boxes of candy bars were left on the counter and about a pint of ice cream was dished out, but non eaten, strengthening the theory that the culprit was frightened away. From the amount of things taken it is believed the work was that of a lone hand. If the intruder had accomplices, they must have remained outside.

The pane of glass from the door was very carefully removed, being laid aside unbroken. The back door was discovered open by Frank Smith at about a quarter of six. He immediately notified Mr. Schmutte, and when they came to the restaurant the ice cream, that had been dished out had scarcely started to melt. For this reason it is believed that the robbery occurred early in the morning.

As soon as the crime was discovered the identity of the guilty person was suspected, but the evidence did not warrant an arrest and later developments indicate that the first suspicions were probably wrong.

--The Haigler News, Haigler Nebraska, Friday, September 24, 1926

Frank Crabtree's Combine

Frank Crabtree's combine. It was the first combine to come to the north part of Cheyenne County. People came from all over to look at it.
-- Alice Gregory

1947 Haigler High Seniors

--1947 Annual provided by Linda Jones

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


To keep you all informed on the progress of the Save School 67 South Country School project, we are pleased to report that the Collicott sisters (LaNeta Carlock, Myrna Mulligan, and Galena Webster) have almost made their jail sentence bail. They have raised $2,614.

County Commissioner Scott Olson was acting deputy who arrested and rope tied the 3 ladies at the Haigler Alumni Sunday potluck at the American Legion Community Building. They did spend some time in the Haigler Jail, but since their $3,000 bail has not yet been met; they will have to return to spend more time in the jail. If you have not yet joined the effort to help the ladies meet their bail; you may send donations to Save School 67South Project, PO Box 144, Haigler, NE 69030.

The Newest Great GrandBaby

Robert and Lenea Fisher's second little girl just arrived June 4, 2007 12:33 EST. She weighed 8 pounds and 1.5 ounces and was 20 inches long. This is #7 great grandchild for Floy Ruggles.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

May 2007 Flood in SW Nebraska

Here's some pix from around the area. Most are around Hays county and some from around and in McCook, NE
-Cal Freehling

Friday, June 01, 2007

Water, Water, Everywhere!! May 30, 2007

Hays County

-- Submitted by Don Smith

Water at Grandmas Garden 2 mi. west of Culbertson,Ne May 30 2007

Grandma's Garden, Culbertson, Nebraska

Water in the Frenchmen Creek as viewed from the BNSF main track 2 miles west of Culbertson

-- Submitted by Laura & LaVern

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