Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Logan Street - Named For Her Family

In browsing the Haigler State Bank where my dad, Lee C. Logan was a cashier, I was rewarded with your blog on history. I was born in Haigler in April l923. When the Nebraska State Banks went broke, we moved to an Ohio farm my parents had inherited. After one year of disasters, we moved to Omaha and later to the Sandhills on Pine Creek. (crick in those days.) In 1936, we came to Seattle where our fortunes turned for the better.

Since I was not yet six when we left Haigler, I am surprised that I remember many of the people whose names you include in Haigler history. I remember, some vaguely, these families:
the Larned Family, of course, because my dad worked in their bank and kept in touch with them almost until his death...Molly Green I remember quite well because she was such a warm, friendly person....The Ventice family lived across the street from us and Mrs. Ventice baby-sat me when my family went to my grandmother Florence Logan's funeral. .Andrew Ventice was their son and I remember he had a tent in his front yard.

Mamie Turpin lived next door to us and her son was Billy Turpin (think his name was Billy). My parents spoke of Bill Zuege, the Schilts and the Schumutte families, a Belle Porter, and I heard a lot about those important citizens: Tom Ashton and Harry Clegg. Harry's daughter married my uncle, Bud Logan. All of their three children have died, the most recent were Gerrald and Marilyn who passed away in the past few months in Seattle. Their children all live in the Seattle area.

I remember Charles Roach, for sure. He was mischievous and he and my brother, Bill, got into trouble now and then. My older brother, Bob, was in love at the age of 12 with a girl named Helen Grace Kelly.

Fred Crone's bank went broke in the 1929 crash and the Crone's moved to California. I visited them in WW II when I was in the Navy.

Billy Armstrong, Garnet Hoover and a few other names ring a bell with me. It is amazing that I remember so much about Haigler since I was not quite six when we left.

I see that there is a Logan street in Haigler. Perhaps it was named for my grandfather who was a pillar in the community. Katye Logan was Superintendent of Dundy County Schools and she was my first teacher.

I wrote a 300 page memoir of the Great Depression (deja vu) and WW II it included the Haigler period of my life.

Lois Logan Horn

Nebraska Banks

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