Monday, December 20, 2010

Haigler Happenings - December 20, 2010

HOLIDAY LIGHTS - Our little village of Haigler is decorated beautifully for the holiday season.  We invite everyone in the community to come tour the lighted homes and streets.  Merry Christmas and Best wishes to all for a Happy New Year.

Stan and LaNeta Carlock were pleasantly surprised to have a visit this past week from Gary Williams of Hastings, Nebraska.  Gary and his crew, Midwest Movers, are the ones who moved Country Schoolhouse 67 South from the cornfield west of town to its current location on Porter Avenue.  He knew the museum project was completed and wanted to stop by to see it, and was most pleased to see what had been done.
Galena Webster and LaNeta Carlock drove to Greeley and on to Estes Park, Colorado on Friday.  They delivered several holiday baskets of goodies, and enjoyed a long visit with Lee Machin, owner of Machin's Cottages in the Pines in Estes Park.  The sisters returned to Haigler late Saturday evening.
Melissa Rosenfelt and sons Mitchell and Matthew Collicott of McCook and Melissa's mother, Carolyn Rosenfelt of Benkelman drove to Haigler on Sunday afternoon.  They all enjoyed lunch at the Haigler cafe, spent some time decorating graves at the Haigler cemetery, and then visited in the homes of Stan and LaNeta Carlock and Stan and Galena Webster.  Mitch and Matt are their nephews and twin sons of their deceased brother, Gail Collicott. 
Iona Morris's granddaughter, Shauna Morris, is home from India where she has been teaching Insurance agents about the business.  She will be working in the office in Lincoln for three months and then return to India for another three months. 
Sophia Zuege was a luncheon guest of Laura Pearl Wall on Friday. 
MerryLu and Bob Simmons visited Larua Pearl Wall on Sunday Afternoon.  They attended the Christmas Program at the Haigler United Methodist church.
Garry and Sharon Fisher of Newberry Springs, CA spent a few days of their vacation at Garry's mother's home, visiting and doing some yard cleaning and other chores.  For two days some little elves could be seen raking, tearing down old dilapidated fences and other "eyesores."  I am sure anyone that drives by 338 Washington Avenue cannot help but notice an improvement on the property.  They also plan to visit Sharon's parents in Minnesota and their son, Jonathan, wife, Wendy, and 10 month old granddaughter,Taylor, near Kansas City.
On Wednesday, Lois Zuege drove to McCook with 2 passengers, Veda Douglass, and Floy Fisher, to do some special Christmas shopping for items not available locally.  It was a pleasant day and all enjoyed the time together.
Hoping everyone will have the best Christmas season ever.

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